Zyatonix Review

ZyatonixZyatonix is a weight loss supplement much like Hydroxycut or many of the other thermogenic fat burners with which you may have come in contact. It is also widely available over the counter without a prescription. Zyatonix claims to induce fat cell death through a process called Apoptosis which is a different approach than most of the fat burning supplements I’ve seen on the market today.

How It Works

If you know anything at all about supplements, you know that the claims made by the companies aren’t always the most reliable. You have to do your research and the best place to start is by examining the ingredients in the product and comparing them to the other pills on the market. Zyatonix goes to great lengths to explain the science behind their pill but doesn’t go into exactly what’s inside the pill that makes the body do what they claim it will when you take Zyatonix. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work but it makes it difficult to compare to other products.

Zyatonix uses what they call a three pronged approach to weight loss. First, through a process called apoptosis fat cells actually die. When a fat cell dies it never comes back. There is a very good explanation on the web site about how this process takes place but no research proving it does actually take place or what is in Zyatonix that makes it happen. Second, Zyatonix encourages lipid mobilization. This is a different way of saying it helps the body metabolize energy from fat without increasing activity. Last, they regulate serotonin and suppress appetite. Serotonin is a key hormone in energy consumption and of course suppressing appetite limits the intake of calories.


This is a very cool way to attack weight loss. The idea of actually killing fat cells permanently without invasive and dangerous surgery is not only innovative but revolutionary. There are good customer testimonials and a great deal of science behind the product.


With all the talking there is next to nothing that would actually prove this product does what it says. Very little mention of clinical research and an explanation of how apoptosis works is not proof that Zyatonix will actually induce the process. The same goes for the claims about appetite suppression, increased energy, and lipid mobilization.


I don’t run into too many products that really change the game. A lot of products claim to do just that when in fact they are no different than a hundred other products just like them. Zyatonix makes claims that are pretty original to the weight loss supplement world. If this was something cooked up in somebody’s garage I might be more skeptical but there is some pretty good science to back up what Zyatonix is talking about. The problem, as I mentioned, is simply explaining how something works doesn’t mean the product can actually accomplish it. Most of the time when something seems to good to be true it is.

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