Xyphedrex Review

Xyphedrex, a self-professed “high-performance weight loss formula” and “scientific miracle”, claims to interact with key metabolic pathways in your brain to suppress appetite and burn off extra calories.  The company claims that its formula stimulates the CART receptor in your brain and suppresses the expression of a protein called Neuropeptide Y.  The first (standing for Cocaine and Amphetamine Receptor Transcript) is known for the side effect common to coke and meth addicts of losing a lot of weight.  Neuropeptide Y is known to cause you to crave food.  This product may help you burn off a few extra pounds, but will it leave you looking like a cocaine addict?

What’s in Xyphedrex?

Xyphedrex, despite its very flashy marketing strategy, has a fairly straight-forward formula, including specific concentrations -

  • Dicaffeine Malate -200 mg
  • Chocamine -200 mg
  • Phenylethylamine – 20 mg
  • Synephrine HCL – 20 mg

We appreciate that they don’t jerk us around with too many ingredients in a blend where concentrations are not listed. Here, you at least know exactly what you are getting.  From the looks of it, what you’ll be getting is quite a buzz.  This dose of stimulants could be comparable to 3 or more cups of coffee and clearly will boost your metabolism significantly.  It is safe to say that this formula is a lot safer than coke or meth, but as it contains potent stimulants, you should take it with care and avoid using it if you suffer from high blood pressure or heart arrhythmias.

Xyphedrex Price

$60 but with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Xyphedrex Pros

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Potent thermogenic ingredients
  • Safer than cocaine and meth (wink)

Xyphedrex Cons

  • May be too strong for some (not for use by those under 18)
  • Somewhat expensive

Xyphedrex Conclusion

If you’re really looking into getting aggressive with weight loss and have a diet and exercise plan that you’re already getting into, this might be a product worth trying, especially with the satisfaction guarantee.  However, you should be aware that a product like this may cause sleeplessness and anxiety if you are not already active and relatively healthy.  It will help you get off some extra fat if you are but could be dangerous if you aren’t.

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