VPX Redline RTD Review

VPX Redline RTDVPX has created an extensive line of products and it seems like they have created a product for every niche in the market. The newest product is an energy drink. There are quite a few energy drinks on the market and it seems like you can find them for so many different things. There are so many but what makes VPX Redline RTD different?

The biggest difference between VPX Redline RTD and other energy drinks is the fact that it doesn’t have any calories. It can be really hard to find a good energy drink without a ton of calories. Calories are what give you energy so to find a drink that doesn’t have any is pretty impressive.

VPX Redline RTD is a stimulant which means that it contains a lot of caffeine and other ingredients like that. Stimulants can be beneficial but there are a lot of times that they cause side effects and don’t really do what you want them to do. One of the side effects is a severe crash that occurs a few hours after using VPX Redline RTD. Some people have used it as a boost to their workout but then they discover that it doesn’t help to prolong their workout. If you are doing weight training then you could see some improvement in your workout but you can’t go on a long distance run for example with a strong stimulant because it does increase your heartrate and you don’t want to increase it too much because that could cause detrimental side effects.

VPX Redline RTD Cost

For a pack of 4 it is $14

VPX Redline RTD Pros

  • No sugar or calories
  • Better for weight lifters

VPX Redline RTD Cons

  • Causes a severe energy crash
  • Overpriced

VPX Redline RTD Conclusion

VPX Redline RTD can provide you with a significant increase in energy. It comes in four different flavors: Triple Berry, Peach Mango, Mandarin Orange, and Grape. Most people really don’t like the taste of VPX Redline RTD. That’s probably because it has no sugar or calories. If you can handle the taste then VPX Redline RTD isn’t a terrible choice for an energy drink. Because it does contain a lot of stimulants only use it if you are not sensitive to stimulants.

VPX Redline RTD won’t work as a diet pill. It can provide energy which could motivate you to work out more but it does not have ingredients that are designed to help you lose weight. It says that it can also promote the shivering complex like the other VPX products. We are wary of all they hype surrounding VPX with the shivering complex because shivering really does not burn a significant amount of calories. VPX Redline RTD also causes the sweating common with VPX products.

Their website says that you can be unleashed to run on the treadmill after you have taken VPX Redline RTD. But because it is a stimulant you need to be careful of things like that so you don’t over stimulate your hear. VPX Redline RTD is not the worst energy drink on the market but if you choose to use it you should expect it to only add energy and not to help you lose weight.

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