VPX Meltdown Fat Assault Review

VPX Meltdown Fat AssaultVPX Meltdown Fat Assault is a diet pill that is supposed to be more powerful than even ephedrine. It is completely legal and yet it is supposed to work even better than something that was taken off the market because of its effectiveness.

Meltdown Fat Assault contains several proprietary blends of ingredients which are designed to work together in different ways to help you lose weight. Meltdown Fat Assault is a synergistic diet pill that activates fat burning mechanisms while at the same time protecting natural fat burning pathways.

They do show several charts that indicate the effectiveness and reference a university study but they never let you know exactly which university performed the studies. Furthermore, when we looked at the journal that was supposed to contain the information we were unable to find any information about a study done on the effects of Meltdown Fat Assault versus ephedrine.

Despite the extensive list of ingredients Meltdown Fat Assault does not contain any ingredients that have been undoubtedly been proven to promote weight loss. They don’t even include some of the most common combinations of ingredients that have been proven and designed to do exactly what Meltdown Fat Assault advertises. We know that everyone wants to create a unique formula that is unknown to other companies. However, in doing so they should probably first check to make sure that it actually works.

On the positive side VPX has included some ingredients that have been proven in other studies to be effective at promoting weight loss. The difficulty arises in knowing if they included the necessary amount to produce the desired results or if they named it in a proprietary blend because they knew they were not including enough.

VPX Meltdown Fat Assault Cost

Meltdown Fat Assault is one of the more expensive diet pills on the market. If you buy it from VPX it is $64.95. However, we have seen it available through other retailers for less than $40.

Meltdown Fat Assault Pros

  • Increases energy levels
  • Contains fat burning ingredients

Meltdown Fat Assault Cons

  • Inconclusive and misleading studies
  • There is not a guarantee offered
  • Expensive
  • Contains many stimulants but no appetite suppressants

VPX Meltdown Fat Assault Conclusion

While we are not overly thrilled with Meltdown Fat Assault it could have some positives. It does have ingredients that can burn fat although it won’t be “972% more potent than ephedrine.” They seem to have based their product on an exorbitant amount of false claims that cannot be backed.

We were pleased to see that Meltdown Fat Assault contains some ingredients that have been proven in studies but they don’t seem to include them in the right amounts. Even just based on how much each proprietary blend is there is no way that they could have enough of the proven ingredients to really be effective.

If you are looking for a diet pill we would suggest that you look for a product that has proven to be effective and is less expensive. Meltdown Fat Assault costs a lot of money if you order it through VPX especially for a product that may not work.

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