Vitalacai (Vital Acai)

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Vitalacai (Vital Acai)

We definitely endorse the Acai Berry as being a great ingredient for a weight loss supplement.  It has so many added benefits to your health such as detoxification, weight loss, some cancer fighting agents, etc.  We know that the acai berry is a great additive for a supplement.

After research on Vital Acai, we were unable to verify if the Acai Berry was the only ingredient in the product.  Nothing else was mentioned and it appears from the name and pictures that it is a stand-alone – 1 ingredient product.

Now they may have found a great additive, however, there are many ingredients that can be added to the acai berry to give you the great results of the berry as well as more powerful weight loss and appetite suppressant.  This product will not make our top 3 list as long as it is 1 ingredient product.  There are too many other great things that can be added for better and quicker results.

Vital Acai also offers a free trial of their products.  We have decided that nobody offers an actual “free” trial anymore.  They are all hidden under autoships and full-price payments when all is said and done.  As with many other products, the free trial is for 15 days.  If nothing is done on the end of the consumer, they are charged a full price of $78.91 for the bottle and one bottle every month after that at the same price.

That is one of the highest priced diet pills that we have reviewed and is entirely too much money to pay for an Acai Berry extract!  We have listed our top 3 rated diet pills below and know that they are a much better investment for your time and money.

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  • Colette

    TOTAL SCAM!! I went thru all the fun as described above and then some….. complete with a lady hanging up in my ear when I explained why I was calling. (still hadn’t received the product by the time the free trial period expired and no one answering my emails to the “customer service” email that was provided to contact “anytime”

    Anywho I was forced to cancel my credit card as they were already requesting full payment (still hadn’t received the product). I emailed this comfirmation to which was the only address I eventually got a response from though entirely (and conveniently) too late. The person responding goes by the name John.

    Protect yourself and cancel your card if need be! Better than the hoops to jump thru to prove this a scam.

    Best of Luck : )

  • Brittany

    EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!! Do NOT even try the so-called free trial. They charged me the S/H and after about 15 or so days they charged me again and sent a confirmation email. Well it has been 3 months and I got in touch with them in December and I am stil getting confirmations and attempts to charge my account. First off all they use a different name for every transaction on your bank statement so it is less likely to be noticed also they charge your account for the products (2 charges) and then 2 other charges for the S/H. 4 seperate charges! If they overdraw you, you get 4 overdraft fees instead of two (depending on your bank). So far i have lost about $400 total. In addition to all of this, 3 out of the 4 charges to my account they did not even send me the products. In short, DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF. This is the very definition of a scam. Save yourself the trouble.

  • Nancy

    VITAL ACAI, DANGEROUS!!!!, I thought this was from Oprah, and when I got it was from China, without any information at all about their company, everything written in chinese, I dont trust any product from china.
    I just try one pill and I felt very bad, the rest went to the garbage. I have to cancel my credit card.

  • Carol

    I must have been lucky as I just called to cancel my trial membership and it was done quickly without trying to convince me to continue. I will have to watch to be sure they do not charge me!

  • Jackie

    FREE. NOT FREE they suck you in and charge your account with out hour knowledge. SAME ON OPRAH AND everyone else who recommeds this stuff. FREE NO IT IS NOT. IT Does not work.

  • lindsay

    This product is a complete and total SCAM. After taking this product I haven’t been able to eat at all over a two week period and nearly fainted two or three times because of that. I have had a wonderful case of painful bowel movements and had no extra energy whatsoever. On top of this I have actually managed GAIN 10 POUNDS. This is the worst product I have ever tried in my life. Thank you so much vital acai for charging me nearly 200 bucks to gain ten pounds. I hope your company gets sued.

  • Anne

    I ordered Acai from the site Ophrah had advertised also on Feb. 5/09 and received my product this morning Feb.16/09 with no statement. except the bill of lading,from China, saying I would be charged $l84.00. I almost fell over. I have no way of contacting them as I do no have my Order #. Does anyone have the phone for the this one as advertised by Ophrah and Dr. Perricone. Thanks

  • Anne

    Caro, who did you call?

  • Adam

    I am in the same boat as you Anne, I just got the bill of lading and got charged the same $184.00. Of course since it is from China I can’t read the name of the company so have no way to contact them for cancellation. I would also like have a number if anyone as any info. FYI I just recently went to a local GNC and Vitamin world and the same exact bottle was there, and might I add a hell of a lot cheaper than $184. Thanks for any info.

  • kuina

    vital acai son unos ladrones descarados de esos que estan obandoles el dinero a los pobres desesperados jugando con la salud y los sentimientos de las personas pero god los va a cojer y les va a dar su mericido buena suerte

  • wilma

    after reading all those negative comments on vitai acai, I will not order, why not contact the states attorney for help. good luck they should be put out of business immediately, especiallt those of you who got so ill from the pills, Does China know about our laws here in USA?

  • Jaycee

    I just received the Vital Acai last night. To my surprise, the bottled producted was not sealed and there were only a few pills inside the botthle. The bill of lading was showing product originated from China. I got scared – so I did not take the product. I also called my credit card and I was charged with the shipping and handling for 5.95. I have sent numerous email to the customer service who replied to my order – no answer. Who do we need to contact in order to stop this scam? Here is the their email address: and – I am waiting for their reply – but no luck! If I get charged, I will send this proof to my credit card providor to get reimbursed.

  • Jaycee

    Today, I received an email from email address csvitalacai ( service. the email states that I will be billed 69.95. I sent 2 emails to this adress and to my surprise, there was a postmaster error delivery. I cannot believe it. there are no phone nos. on the email, so I cannot even contact this company.

    Can anyone help.

  • Alie Koning

    I got the vital acai, fot the price of 5.95.
    Now you toke more then 100 dollars of my account.
    get in contact with me, and refund me the money.
    I will not have more of this.

  • Jennifer

    Oh my God, it happened to me too! I ordered the free trial for Acai bloom but then I received Vital Acai 2 days before the 14th day trial period is over. And to my surprise it came from China! When I opened the package the box was damaged and when I checked some of the pills were open from the plastic. I tried to email the to cancel and I’m still waiting for a reply. I do not want them to bill me monthly for this! If anyone has a phone # where I can call to cancel this please send a reply.



  • Toya Matthews

    Jennifer I had the same happen to me. I have tried emailing them and get no response. The package was messed up and one of the pills fell out and opened with powder everywhere. I guess I am going to try and call my credit card and see if they will put a halt on any charges. I can’t believe it came from China and no return instructions or anything came with it. Can’t find a phone number anywhere.

  • james smith

    i think there crazy i tryyed mine and the capules where exspossed to the air due to bad shipping fault was the fact there was just in an evolope and the product came from china and not the us as i was lend to believe
    for so that when i canceled it they still tuck money from my bank and my bank says they cannot stop any futher payments to them lol

  • marchessa

    OMG!!! i’ve been calling them.. i’ve called the numvers you gave me guys,and the representative told me that he couldn’t find my name, he also said that my Order # wasn’t there… i don’t know what to do! i’m now calling for my bank account to cancel every charge that will come from them.. vital acai is so fck up! i really don’t understand why they recommended this.

    please note: i called to the 2 phone numbers,but same guy whom i spoked to. and he still couldn’t find any information about me..

  • marchessa

    the other issue here is, they said the pills are not from them. i don’t know what’s really ahppening to this company! is there anyone here can help us please? i’m really scared that one day i wake up and no more money left in my bank account..

  • marchessa


  • Jaycee

    Hi Jennifer, OMG, after posting this email, I received 2 more emails from this acai company telling me that they have charged me. I called my credit line and yes, I was charged – but I have disputed the charges. I also sent numerous emails to these addresses (which keeps on changing) advising them of my complaint and disgust with their services. I feel stuck – what more can I do, I must have sent 20 emails since February. What can we do here?

  • Marion

    I called my credit card company ‘cos I was billed $69.95 for pills I had not received. Two days ago I had another delivery and sent it back “Refused”. I have called their ‘phone number numerous times and get a recording saying “This mail-box is full and cannot take any more messages”. If I have to I will get a lawyer!

  • Diane R.

    Add me to the “BEAT WITH STUPID STICK” list!!! I didn’t get a bill of lading, was charged $69.50 after a couple weeks for shipment I never got, and charged again for $75.90 with no shipment… I get e-mails from different people every time and reply to them with no response… My original free sample was in a box and shipped from China in flat envelope and the capsules got crushed… It really is a SCAM!!!!!

  • gary

    hi,i ordered the acai berry product on a free trial basis but never recieved the product til after the trial period had expired.i noticed i had been charged £14.61 and then another £57.43 2 weeks later.I called my credit card company and cancelled my card and reported it to the card fraud department.These people are scum and hope to see them all locked up soon

  • Mick

    I had foolishly ordered the pills on line. They charged me the shipping and handling and told me the total charges for S/H were to be 5.95 . When I looked at my Credit card statement the charge was 7.95. Then 15 days later ( like clock work) they charged my credit card again for 79.05 ( with exchange rate this came to 102.95 Canadian ) The trouble here is that I have not yet received a package from them AT ALL !
    I had emailed E-vital health customer support. Though the web site , on line. They had sent me a email in return stating that they are aware of a company that has been defrauding people selling Acai Berry samples. And using their name on the credit card receipts. They state that they are not affiliated with this company and do not sell this product . They advise me to contact my bank and inform them of these details. I did.
    Later I received a threatening email from the company I had canceled my “subscription “ with to inform me that canceling my credit card and disputing charges is a act of fraud and that they would be and I quote “ ensure that I will never have good credit again, job agency’s and business will be up dated as well. Telling me to lift the dispute that I have taken ownership of the package. I have tracked this package since the day that it left “ their warehouse” and have not received it yet . The date of the order was on April 3/2009 and they have 3 days to comply . the package as of 10 minutes ago is still in Vancouver ?
    Thing is I never received a package, so you need to ask yourself, who is committing Fraud here?.

  • detoxednot

    It seems that they only want to keep the good comments,, Not the ones about Acaiberry detox scam with power tea.
    First of all the acai berry detox had little or no effect. Second when I got the acaiBerry Detox, in the same envlope was a bottle of Power Tea Which by the way I did not order. They dont tell you that you have to cancel the power tea seperatly,, and with another company, in fact the people at Acai Berry Detox seemed unawear that the 2 products were sent in the same envlope. Be aware this is a SCAM, and someone is getting a kick back. they keep on kicking this posting off but I’m gonna keep on putting it back up.

  • stacey

    it didnt do a thing for me and i forgot to cancel so they emailed me and said they were charging me 90 dollars since i didnt cancel.i wrote back and told them that was my fault and i should have cancelled but please dont send anymore product.THEY THEN CHARGED ME 2 MORE TIMES THAT SAME DAY!!! 160 dollars! M

  • mimaki

    Can someone tell be where I can cancel my subscriptions? All e mails are returned. I have changed my credit card, that did not help.

  • Angela

    This is such a scam. I just clicked on another site and this popeed up and when I tried to get out of the site it offered me a free trial but had to pay for shipping, when I try to exit again it reduced the shipping to $1.00 and then my first bottle arrived and then another packaga arrived along with a bill of $80.00. I tried to cancel it and when I tried to cancel it they again sent out another package of $80.00. I was able to get the second one taken off but did get stuck paying for one package. I never even tried it. I learned to read everything and nothing is ever free..

  • lyn mille

    I wrote vital acai to stop delivery many times because each time a small bottle is delivered to me, i get charged US$99.00. I, however, was told that i have to receive the bottle first and then they will instruct me how to stop delivery. Isn’t an e-mail good enough to say that you no longer want this product?



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