Viper Ultra-High Energy Fat Burner Review

Have you used diet pills that give you tons of energy in the morning but by the time two o’clock comes you can’t seem to keep your eyes open at work? That has to be the worst part about using a diet pill. I rely on it for energy but it doesn’t help me get through the day. Viper Ultra-High Energy Fat Burner is supposed to be different. It has a rapid release formula but then they have designed it so that throughout the rest of the day it also delivers a slow dose of energy so you never have to deal with the crash. While this seems like a great solution to the problem, keep in mind that if you are hyped up on caffeine all day it’s going to be pretty darn hard to fall asleep at night.

Viper comes complete with a warning. They want to make sure that you understand that it’s a pretty intense formula and that you should only use it if you are serious about losing weight. It seems to me that Viper relies mostly on the increased energy to promote fat burning. And while increasing your metabolism is key to sustainable weight loss you probably don’t want to rely on something like that alone when the best diet pills would be the ones that can not only increase energy and metabolism but also increase fat burning and suppress appetite.

Unfortunately, the official Viper Ultra-High Energy Fat Burner website doesn’t have very much information about the product and how it works. They spend a good deal of time explaining how it will give you increased energy but they don’t bother explaining how that increased and lasting energy will promote fat lass. Furthermore, with all the caffeine in Viper it would seem that it works primarily as a diuretic and therefore only contributes to water weight loss.

Viper Ultra-High Energy Fat Burner Cost


This is not one of the least expensive diet pills on the market. And because they don’t offer a satisfaction guarantee I’m not inclined to recommend it based on these facts alone.

Viper Ultra-High Energy Fat Burner Pros

  • Improved energy throughout the day
  • Boosts thermogenesis

Viper Ultra-High Energy Fat Burner Cons

  • No guarantee
  • Proprietary blend doesn’t have effective amounts of ingredients

Viper Ultra-High Energy Fat Burner Conclusion

I’m all for finding the best diet pill on the market. What’s the point of using one if it’s not going to work? But sadly Viper Ultra-High Energy Fat Burner doesn’t meet the requirements to be the top diet pill partly because it looks like an ineffective formula. To be a decent product Viper would have to include more of the right ingredients in the needed amounts to promote fat loss. Furthermore, Viper can cause numerous side effects like insomnia, headaches, and dizziness that could be prevented by using a formula that didn’t rely so heavily on caffeine. As opposed to using a product like Viper, try a formula that truly offers the most intense fat burning capabilities and has the customer reviews to prove it.

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