USP Labs Pink Magic Review

When I first look at a diet pill like USP Labs Pink Magic I’m pretty skeptical whether or not it’s going to work. I mean, they seem to have put a lot of focus into appearances and that doesn’t always mean that they have a decent product. A lot of times when a product puts all their resources into marketing and packaging the product is lacking and they are trying to hide the true effectiveness of the product. USP Labs Pink Magic uses a lot of ingredients that are not going to give you very many results. Instead, they have listed several ingredients that you probably aren’t too familiar with. The reason that you aren’t very familiar with these ingredients isn’t because they were just discovered but it’s because they aren’t effective since they don’t do much with weight loss.

Forslean is included in USP Labs Pink Magic and is probably the best ingredient in their formula since it can help you to get better muscles. But USP Labs Pink Magic also advertises that you can lose weight, have improved sexual performance, increased strength, and improved endurance. It doesn’t look like there are any ingredients that can live up to all these claims.

Quite honestly, the USP Labs Pink Magic website is difficult to read and made me not want to use their product just because of that. And while that may sound weird I felt like I couldn’t really learn what was in this product or how it worked because I had to get through all the garbage which took a lot of time. They have customer testimonials which is always good to see but they were interspersed with a story about how the formula was lost and then found. If you can get past that you can likely find some of the ingredients listed but they never show a complete list of ingredients or the amounts of each ingredient.

USP Labs Pink Magic Cost

$89.99 for a one month supply. Unfortunately, USP Labs Pink Magic does not offer a guarantee for this product which leads me to believe that they don’t have confidence in their product.

USP Labs Pink Magic Pros

  • Uses forslean
  • Designed for women

USP Labs Pink Magic Cons

  • Expensive
  • No guarantee
  • Uses unnecessary ingredients

USP Labs Pink Magic Conclusion

Personally I won’t be trying USP Labs Pink Magic. It is lacking in so many areas and is not going to give you the results you are looking for. I’m always concerned when there is not enough information about the ingredients in a product because that is what will tell you whether or not it has the potential to be effective. Usually even if a product doesn’t have the best ingredients it doesn’t hurt to try it. But USP Labs Pink Magic doesn’t have a guarantee and it’s really expensive so it’s honestly not worth trying. You can find products that have proven countless times to be effective at helping you lose weight but without having to waste the time or money using a product that won’t work.

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  1. Mark
    August 23, 2010 @ 5:35 pm


    I enjoyed Pink Magic. I have to say I felt energy that was clean, I felt strong and my muscles were dense and hard. I tried an experiment and didn’t tell anyone I was taking it. My wife kept telling me that my workouts must be working because I was looking lean and hard body. My buddies at the gym were impressed with my strength gains and my stamina. Don’t get me wrong, you have to really work out hard to make this product worth its weight in gold…but if your a gym rat looking for that extra edge, grab a bottle of Pink Magic.

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