Thyroid Body Type Formula Review

Thyroid Body Type FormulaThyroid Body Type Formula has worked for some individuals. It is based off that fact that when we are overweight we are unhealthy. Dr.Berg, the inventor, has observed and researched weight loss for years. In his observations he noticed there to be 4 different overweight body types. We are specifically reviewing the thyroid body type, which is characterized by fat build-up all over the body (not focused in the gut, upper or lower body). Dr. Berg has related this body type to an unhealthy thyroid gland, sounds like a great idea. The problem is most overweight people cannot focus their weight struggle on one organ in the body. Fat arises from a number of things.

Thyroid Body Type Formula can potentially work for you if you do have problems with iodine deficiency. If you do struggle with this you may want to go see your local health physician before you try this product.

How does Thyroid Body Type Formula work?

Thyroid Body Type Formula works by idea of getting healthy before losing weight as Dr. Berg taught one of his customers:

“I had this idea that I had to lose weight to get and be healthy, but Dr. Berg explained I had it backwards-I had to get healthy before I would lose weight.”

This is true. Exercise and eating right can do this for you more than Thyroid Body Type Formula can. Thyroid Body Type Formula will help people with a thyroid condition however most of us do not have any problems with our thyroids.

Thyroid Body Type Formula Side Effects

Thyroid Body Type Formula contains Coleus Forscholii which has been linked to weight loss however it also boosts testosterone levels. High testosterone levels can have side effects such as hair loss in women, deepening voice, greater muscle mass and many more.

Boron, another ingredient in Thyroid Body Type Formula, can have some sedative effects that will cause sleepiness.

The other ingredients will only be absorbed by the body when needed so you will not have to worry about adverse side effects.

Thyroid Body Type Formula Pros

  • A new diet solution
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Thyroid Body Type Formula Cons

  • Not yet proven to be effective
  • 30-days is not enough time to try the product so you will not be able to return it if it does not work.

Thyroid Body Type Formula Conclusion

This may be the new diet solution. However at this point it is still in the beginning stages. It really have not proven to work in many cases. If they can really refine their approach and get better formulas this may be the way to go. At this point, don’t waste your time or money until Dr. Berg starts seeing more success.

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