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ThincineratorWhen a product claims to be the best or the strongest, you are going to want to make sure its not just blowing smoke before your rush out and buy it. As well, if it is the “strongest”, you need to make sure its safe. Thincincerator is a supplement made to help women lose extra fat. It claims to be “clinically proven” and even goes as far as to say it is strongest product of its kind.

Thincinerator Ingredients at a Glance

  • xanthinol nicotinate
  • cayenne
  • ginger
  • kelp
  • raspberry ketones
  • synephrine
  • guggul
  • bioperine

This is the bulk of the ingredient list, and includes fairly mild concentrations. These are good ingredients and each is known to boost your metabolism and help suppress appetite as well as improve some overall brain function. This is a pretty wide-ranging formula, but to be honest it doesn’t really include much that is “just for women.”

This pill also packs a potent punch of caffeine to begin with (300 mg from different sources – caffeine anhydrous, dicaffeine malate, and green tea), so use caution. This will definitely get you juiced and will accelerate your metabolism to burn more calories in less time.

Thincinerator Pros

  • Very potent metabolic booster
  • Money-back guarantee

Thincinerator Cons

  • Must use caution with caffeine dosage

Bottom Line for Thincinerator

I can’t say this is the most “female-oriented” fat-burner I have reviewed, which kind of dogs some of its claims, but it is nonetheless a pretty potent fat-burner. If you can handle the stimulant concentration, this will definitely accelerate your weight-loss program. (Official Thincinerator Website)

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Recent Thincinerator User Comments

3 Reviews

  1. Ember
    July 17, 2008 @ 8:27 pm


    This is a good product. I have lost a lot of weight so far and hope to lose more.

  2. Rika
    July 25, 2008 @ 10:01 pm


    I have been very impressed with the results I have seen using Thincinerator.

  3. Noah Watkins
    August 9, 2008 @ 3:31 pm


    I tried Thincinerator and lost a total of 10 pounds in a month. I would recommend this one to whoever would like to lose weight.

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