Thermocerin Review

ThermocerinIf you go to their website you’ll notice that Thermocerin claims to be the “world’s most powerful fat burner now available without prescription.” Where have you been all my life Thermocerin? Actually, Thermocerin is one of probably four million fat burners that make this claim. They throw a new twist in there with the “now available without prescription.” I find that statement comical because it never was a prescription product.  It’s just an attempt of Thermocerin to add more hype to their product.

Ingredients in Thermocerine, Nothing New

If I had one word to describe the ingredient mix in Thermocerin it would be average.  For something advertised to be so new and innovative you wouldn’t be able to tell by the list of ingredients.
There are two things that we do like in Thermocerin, green tea and caffeine, but everything else is mediocre at best.
Green Tea is a great anti-oxidant and clinical studies have shown that there are links to weight loss. Caffeine has been shown to increase both physical and mental output. Unfortunately, in this “proprietary blend” as they like to call it, there are not sufficient amounts of either green tea or caffeine to make it an effective fat burner. The rest of the ingredients in Thermocerin are just fillers with one exception, Yohimbe.

Stay Away From Yohimbe

Yohimbe comes from an extract of an African tree called Yohimbine.  Yohimbe is often used as a natural aphrodisiac.

It has been shown to cause unpredictable effects on blood pressure; Yohimbe should be approached with caution.

The FDA lists these as possible side effects, renal failure, seizures, anxiety, and even death. Yikes! It probably is only a matter of time until Yohimbe is banned by the FDA from the market.


  • Contains Caffeine and Green Tea


  • Numerous Side Effects
  • Very Expensive
  • Nothing New


Thermocerin is a very average product that contains Yohimbe (a drug with bad side effects). It costs $60, which is outrageous for just an ordinary product.

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  1. Eden
    July 3, 2008 @ 6:31 pm


    Although others have had negative experiences, I have found Thermocerin to be effective.

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