Thermadrol Review

ThermadrolMy favorite quote of the year: “I owe my life and happiness to Thermadrol .”
Yes, in fact, one customer of Thermadrol reported on the official website her amazing results which apparently made her owe her actual happiness to Thermadrol.  I know that weight-loss is important to many, but I’m pretty sure it’s unhealthy when you owe your entire life and happiness to a product.  So is this really a miracle product or is this just another hyped-up scam?

Thermadrol Ingredients

There really isn’t much to “ooh and aahh” about here.  As far as I can tell, of the 21 ingredients, only the following 4 really have direct application to weight loss:

  • Green Tea – rich in antioxidants, this ingredient is widely used to burn extra calories
  • Citrus Aurantium – otherwise known as bitter orange, this is a source synephrine, which is the number one ephedrine alternative and helps boost metabolism.
  • Caffeine – another stimulant to boost metabolism
  • Yerba Mate – has some effect as an appetite suppressant and stimulant

The other 17 ingredients may have a variety of effects such as mood enhancement and some may help regulate blood sugar, but this product isn’t exactly teeming with fat burners or blockers.  These ingredients that do help are only effective because of stimulant content.

Thermadrol Pros

  • Money-back guarantee

Thermadrol Cons

  • High stimulant content may be bad for the caffeine sensitive
  • Too high a price for what you get

Thermadrol Conclusion

This isn’t the worst formula I’ve seen by any means.  In fact, its not too bad at all but it really isn’t anything revolutionary and I would hesitate to say its worth $30 per bottle.  The company appears to offer a guarantee so its fairly low risk, but I personally wouldn’t waste my time or the shipping cost.

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