The Burn Extreme Review

The Burn ExtremeBurn extreme is another thermogenic fat burning product that promises to melt away fat quickly and easily. The basis for those claims is Burn Xtreme’s use of what they call SIRT-1 gene technology which is derived from polyphenol resveratrol. SIRT-1 gene technology basically destroys fat cells and limits the formation of new ones.

What You Get

The ingredients in Burn Xtreme are very hard to pronounce and fused with all kinds of numbers and capital letters. That might lead you to believe these ingredients are either completely unnatural or since it sounds complicated it must be good. Neither of those assumptions is necessarily true. Most of the thermogenic compounds in Burn Extreme are extracts from well known herbal substances like resveratrol and green tea. It also contains appetite suppressants like Irvingia Gabonensis and Corosolic acid. In addition, Burn Xtreme makes use of Caffeine as a metabolism booster.

The balance of these ingredients is intended to increase fat metabolism, increase energy and suppress appetite. The combination of all those factors is important in long term weight loss.


Burn Xtreme uses some of the most widely used ingredients on the market today. Despite the complicated science, most of what you will find in Burn Xtreme is sourced form natural herbal sources. The user reviews are pretty favorable and ingredients like irvingia gabonensis have a good amount of anecdotal evidence about their effectiveness.


Although every fat burner tries to say they are different there is very little in this product that makes it any different than most other fat burners. The most heavily marketed element of the product is the use of SIRT-1 gene technology but when you break it down it is simply Resveratrol which can be found in hundreds of fat burners.


It gets harder and harder to try and give you something to base a decision on when I look at all these new fat burners. The truth is there just isn’t that big a difference between one and another. I have come across a number of products that have just the right ingredients in just the right doses and I have no problem recommending any one of those to anyone looking for a smarter way to get in shape. I have also found a number that weren’t worth the package they came in. Then there are the literally thousands of products out there that fit somewhere in the middle. They have a lot of good things about them but nothing that would set them apart from the crowd or cause me to include them in the category of recommendable products. Burn Xtreme fits into this last category. It is a pretty good product that claims to use some nifty technology to rid your body once and for all of that pesky body fat but the evidence just doesn’t support the claims. Ingredients like 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine HCL may sound exotic but it can be found in hundreds of products in more effective quantities. Bottom line is that this product is good but not great.

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