Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme Review

Takedown Fat Burner XtremeThe Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme is the “extreme” version of the Takedown Fat Burner or is it? As you will read in the review, there isn’t a whole lot of change between the original Takedown Fat Burner and the Xtreme. It is a stronger mix but the difference is minimal. Let’s take a look at the Takedown Fat Burner..I mean the..Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme.

Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme Ingredients

The Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme is comprised of three proprietary blends: the thermo blend, ergogenic blend, and the energy blend. From a consumer standpoint, proprietary blends are terrible. Why? Because we have no way of knowing how much of each ingredient is in the pill. Shady diet pill companies have been known to include effective expensive ingredients but only include them at minimal dosages and hide that in a proprietary blend. Awful? Yes, but it happens. That being said we are not accusing the Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme of this, but with the proprietary blend we have no way of really knowing.

The thermo blend is the fat burning complex and makes up about 70 percent (865 mgs) of the pill.

The Thermoblend contains:

  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Caffeine
  • 7-Keto DHEA
  • Thermasine (Lysine L Carnitine Fumarate)
  • Capsicum
  • Green Tea

The best ingredient without a doubt is green tea. Studies have shown that green tea has the ability to burn fats, suppress the appetite, and boost the metabolism when taken at the right dosage and a high amount of EGCG’s(active ingredient in green tea) is included. Unfortunately the amount of green tea and the amount of EGCG’s in the tea is not disclosed leaving us in the dark.

The key ingredient according to the manufacturer is 7-Keto DHEA. What makes 7-Keto DHEA a fantastic ingredient is that it is backed by numerous credible scientific studies. It helps in lean muscle promotion and is a key fat burner.

Overall Consensus on Ingredient Profile in Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme: Better than average, but could use some more fat burner ingredients. The proprietary blend makes it impossible to know for sure how effective it is.

Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme Side Effects

Like any fat burner with “xtreme” in its product title, there may be a few potential side effects. If you are sensitive to stimulants, this probably isn’t the diet pill for you. Typical side effects include nausea, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and the jitters.

The Takedown Fat Burn Xtreme Website

The Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme website is obviously catered to body builders and provides some useful information. However, the website fails to cite any clinical trials or scientific studies backing Takedown Fat Burn Xtreme or its ingredients.

Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme Price and Return Policy

The Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme can be purchased online for $29. This is moderately priced for a product of the Takedown’s quality.

We were unable to find a money back guarantee. Generally this is a bad sign as it shows a lack of confidence of the manufacturer in its product. This makes the riskiness of the purchase goes up a few notches for the consumer.

Overall Value

Buying the Takedown Fat Burner Xtreme wouldn’t be the worst decision in the world. It has some quality ingredients, but there are several things that are a cause for worry. Ingredient quantities are hidden in a proprietary blend, there is no money back guarantee, and there are potential side effects.

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