SlimShot (Slim Shot) Diet Review

The SlimShot Diet is comprised of 3 different effervescent formulas that you add to your water claiming to boost your weight loss. Every box comes with 3 separate compact canisters (Morning, Noon and Night) with a different formula in each.

They claim that your body needs different weight loss ingredients specifically at different times of the day to promote the best possible results.

  • The morning formula is said to provide increased energy.
  • The afternoon formula is said to suppress your appetite and aid in endurance and digestion.
  • The Night formula is said to continue to burn fat without any sort of added supplements.

It claims to make your water taste better and it is said to be perfectly safe to take in conjunction with any other diet pill and/or program.

The website specifically states that the Slim Shot Diet won’t solve all your weight loss problems. It says that you may use the Slim Shot formulas in conjunction with diet and exercise. There is a 100% money back guarantee after 60 days of when the order is placed.

SlimShot does Auto ship as an option to choose AFTER you place your order and claim to have no hidden terms.

The cost of these canisters can run you as much as $80 plus the cost of shipping for a 4 week period. This product is not supported and approved by the FDA. There are some pretty idealistic claims that are associated with Slim Shot.

The makers state that it can aid in digestion, burn fat while sleeping and boost your metabolism. While all sound positive, sometimes things that sound too good to be true may be just that. Slim Shot is only available on line and not in stores.

While we have listed both positives and negatives associated with the Slim Shot diet, it is inevitably an individual decision. We have listed our top 3 rated diet pills below and know that they are a much better investment for your time and money.

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Recent SlimShot (Slim Shot) Diet User Comments

1 Review

  1. Patty
    January 30, 2009 @ 9:48 am


    I have bought the product last week and I can say, so far it has not worked at all. You are supposed to have one pill resolved in water in the morning, before lunch and in the evening. I have to say, the taste is, apart from the evening pill, not bad.
    The worst thing, since i am taking this product, I have even put on weight even if I regular exercise on a daily baisis and watch what I eat. I am a vegetarian and so I do not eat fatty meat. I did not eat chocolate or sweets as well. My trousers are more tight and I can hardly breath while I am sitting here at work.

    I would advise, not to buy this product as it is not good at all and also expensive as it does not do anything.

    The best thing is really, to stop eating after 4 pm and exercise. This is the only change to loose weight.

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