Slimquick Ultra Calorie Burner (caffeine free) Review

Slimquick has created an extensive line of products designed specifically for women who are struggling with weight loss. However, there are many women who have tried nearly every product on the market but haven’t seen any results. They may also hate the side effects. Is it really worth it to take a diet pill that causes you to have embarrassing bad gas or makes it so you can’t sleep at night? Slimquick Ultra Calorie Burner (caffeine free) claims that they have created a diet pill that is just as effective without the inclusion of caffeine.

Caffeine and green tea have been used for centuries to increase metabolism and make it easier to lose weight. Most diet pills that are effective contain at least one of these ingredients and frequently more than both (they seem to work even better when used together). So how do they do it without using caffeine?

Slimquick still advertises to help you lose weight on 6 different levels.

  • Burn calories
  • Provide antioxidants
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase metabolism
  • Burn carbs
  • Reduce fatigue

It’s nearly impossible to believe that Slimquick Caffeine Free can do all this. The description for how Slimquick Caffeine Free accomplishes each of these says that studies were performed on a “key ingredient.” This makes us a little wary of the product because a key ingredient could really mean anything. Studies have not been performed on Slimquick Caffeine Free and there is no way to tell if they include the necessary amount of that “key ingredient.”


Slimquick Caffeine Free uses a proprietary blend to accomplish those goals. However, it is hard to rate the effectiveness of the product based on the ingredient list because they don’t tell how much of each ingredient is included. It’s hard to believe that it is really effective, though, because the proprietary blend is 550 mg and you need at least 500 mg of just green tea in order for green tea to be effective. There are several other ingredients included in the proprietary blend including: acai extract, rhodiola extract, chaste tree extract, soy extract, brown seaweed, uva-ursi, Japanese knotweed extract, phytosterols, and L-theanine.

Slimquick Caffeine Free Pros

  • Does not contain caffeine
  • No common side effects reported

Slimquick Caffeine Free Cons

  • Works as a diuretic
  • Proprietary blend with no known amounts

Slimquick Caffeine Free Conclusion

Sadly we are not too impressed with Slimquick Caffeine Free. It’s nice that they don’t include caffeine (aside from the natural caffeine in green tea) but it’s hard to know if it can really be effective. Like most Slimquick products, you are most likely to see results because of the sensible diet and exercise plan that is provided.

Slimquick Caffeine Free does offer a guarantee. It’s quite limiting in that you only have 45 days to decide whether or not it is producing the desired results but it is still a guarantee which is nice to see. Because it’s only $29.99 per bottle it is relatively inexpensive. The only thing is that if you are going to pay for a diet pill you might want to choose one that will actually produce the results you are after.

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