Slimquick Laboratories Active Kit Review

Slimquick does not always produce the most impressive products. They frequently are lacking effective ingredients and do not contain enough of the few ingredients that are effective to be worthwhile products. So when we saw that they had created a kit that contained three different products that were supposed to work together to produce unheard of results we were impressed and wondered if they had actually created a product worth mentioning.

Ingredients in Slimquick Laboratories Active Kit

There are three different products included in the Slimquick Active Kit. The active ingredients in each of these are as follows.

7-Day Cleanse: Green tea and probiotics

Weight Loss: Calcium, green tea, and folic acid

Appetite control: Fiber and protein

Side Effects of Slimquick Laboratories Active Kit

Each of the products have different side effects but in general you can expect to experience headaches, dizziness, insomnia, diarrhea, and nausea during the 40 days of use.

Slimquick Laboratories Active Kit Price

It is about $90 for the kit which averages about $2 a day for use of three different products. However, you can find it some places for just $72.

Slimquick Laboratories Active Kit Pros

  • Works in three different ways
  • Increase energy
  • Improve digestion and health

Slimquick Laboratories Active Kit Cons

  • Expensive
  • No guarantee from Slimquick
  • Contains caffeine and other stimulants

Slimquick Laboratories Active Kit Conclusion

Because Slimquick Active Kit has three different mechanisms it employs to work we were intrigued by this product. However, once we researched it a bit more we were disappointed by the lack of effective products which is what we have found for most of the Slimquick products. In hindsight, we probably should not have been surprised because all they did was take three of their products and put them together. One of the downsides of using the Slimquick Laboratories Active Kit is that it only has specific days in which you can use the different products. A cleanse is usually only done for a week but the second week you are supposed to start the weight loss product. The kit only contains enough of the weight loss supplement to last for a couple weeks. It may take longer than a couple weeks for some people to lose the weight they desire which is where the negative aspect of Slimquick Laboratories Active Kit comes in.

We were, however, impressed to see the diet and exercise program that are included with Slimquick Active Kit. It is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan in order to see the most results in weight loss. Furthermore, by making lifestyle changes you can more easily keep the weight off for a longer period of time. The other positive aspect of the Active Kit is that most cleanses have impossible diets to follow. This one has a reasonable diet that allows you to do more than drink clear liquids.

There are certainly more effective products on the market but if you have found success using Slimquick products in the past you may find results with this kit since it combats weight loss from several different angles.

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