Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse Review

Every Slimquick product claims to work in 6 ways. The thing is though that they don’t really seem to work in all the ways they tell you they will work so they really should say that their products work in 2 or 3 ways. Although, the little design Slimquick has on their products is kind of catchy and cute.

Cleanses can do a lot of good for your body but they can also come with so many side effects that it is really discouraging to know when to use them and it can be hard to find a good product. Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse is not immune to the side effects faced by other cleanses on the market. You can expect to experience diarrhea, headaches, and nausea while using Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse. Based on the ingredient profile there is really nothing that distinguishes it as a gentle cleanse.

What Makes Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse Different From Other Slimquick Products?

Most Slimquick products are advertised to help you lose a significant amount of weight within a short period of time. Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse can help you lose a little weight but most of it is water weight. Basically a cleanse is designed to rid your body of toxins. Doing so can actually improve your weight loss capabilities because you can better absorb necessary nutrients and your body can more easily rid itself of unnecessary toxins.


Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse does not seem to be a very unique product. It contains the same ingredients as most cleanses and also contains quite a few unnecessary ingredients that have not been proven to be effective. Some of the ingredients included in Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse are glucomannan, green tea extract, ginseng extract, chaste tree extract, dandelion, and fennel.

Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse Pros

  • Does not make exorbitant false claims
  • Contains some effective ingredients

Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse Cons

  • Proprietary blend with undisclosed amounts
  • Can cause diarrhea, headaches, and nausea

Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse Conclusion

We were not overly impressed with the Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse. It seems like it contains some ingredients that could be worthwhile but we don’t know if it contains enough of each ingredient since the proprietary blend of ingredients does not tell you how much of each ingredient is included.

It claims to be a gentle cleanser and yet it contains the same ingredients as other cleansers. It also causes similar side effects. If you are looking for a cleanser that is extraordinary this is not the one to choose but if you want an average product Slimquick 7 Day Gentle Cleanse might be a good choice. It is only $24.95 and it does come with a 45 day money back guarantee so you have a little time to try it out. Even though $24.95 seems kind of pricey for one weeks worth of product keep in mind that a cleanser should only be used for about a week and should be used about twice a year. You can get the benefits of a cleanser long after you are done using it.

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1 Review

  1. Renee
    June 18, 2010 @ 10:01 am


    I started this on 6/17/10 so far i have had headach, and am crabby with a little feeling like getting sick . So far i have not had to run to the bathroom seems to work gentle…. Will keep u posted !

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