Slimquick Review

You have probably seen Slimquick ads on TV and might have wondered what it was and how it worked. Slimquick says it’s an all natural appetite suppressant that controls hunger, helps you feel full longer and comes in a number of delicious flavors. I can’t speak to your particular brand of “delicious” but the pink lemonade was quite nice.

The product is overtly marketed to women and contains several ingredients that are supposed to regulate hormonal activity which tends to be a problem women worry about more so than men. It uses some common ingredients to suppress appetite and also claims to be able to increase protein absorption and digestion.

What’s Inside

Slimquick’s marketing message focuses on a six phase approach to helping women loose weight:

1. Promote a longer feeling of FULLNESS
If you feel fuller longer then obviously you won’t feel the need to eat and thus reduce caloric intake.

2. Reduce APPETITE
Even when you do feel hungry Slimquick is supposed to help reduce that appetite further reducing caloric intake.

3. Provide a source of FIBER
Increased fiber intake is an important strategy for any weight-loss program to help reduce appetite throughout the day.

4. Provide a source of PROTEIN
According to Slimquick, increasing the amount of protein in your diet has a beneficial effect on suppressing appetite.

5. Improve DIGESTION
They claim a healthy, properly functioning digestive tract is more in tune with the body’s signals for hunger and thirst, and is better able to control food intake.

Prebiotics help improve the ecology of the digestive tract, which benefits overall health.


This product is very thorough in its approach to suppressing hunger and prolonging the feeling of being full in order to help reduce weight. It is easy to take and most people who use it do not report any of the known side effects like irritability and nausea.


It’s not that Slimquick doesn’t do what it says it’s going to do it’s just a little narrow minded. The six fold path to weight loss focuses on suppressing hunger and that’s about it. That is a serious issue for a lot of people and you can see weight loss benefits from that but it isn’t the only important factor to consider in weight loss. When you look at the long list of natural ingredients there is also some room to debate weather or not the amounts of each are sufficient to produce the claims.


The fact that a product is more widely available or more heavily marketed has never, in my experience, had any impact on how effective it is. I have seen a number of appetite suppressants that were very effective that most people had never heard of and I’ve used products you see everyday on TV that didn’t work nearly as well. If you look at the ingredients in Slimquick you aren’t going to see anything special about this product in general or specifically for women. It is likely to work but not any better than another product.

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