Slim Seduction

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Slim Seduction

Slim Seduction – Is this stuff for real? Beyond the bikini-clad woman on the bottle and the marketing, will it really live up to its claims?

As this product claims to increase female sex -drive as well as helping you lose weight , I looked closer and found claims such as “it makes sense that quickly losing embarrassing belly fat and cellulite can almost instantly lead to rekindled romance and increased satisfaction in the bedroom!” They do not offer any science behind the claimed libido increase, only silly speculation .

Some of the other claims are pretty far-fetched, but lets take a look at some of the ingredients…

  • Yerba Mate & Gurana – Both of these products contain caffeine and Mate has a known effect of decreasing hunger.
  • Advantra Z (Bitter Orange Extract) – Containing synephrine, this is sometimes effective but depends on the concentration.
  • Green Tea – You can find tons of reviews on the effectiveness of Green Tea as it relates to weight loss, Green Tea is often an effective fat burner.
  • Cayenne – Studies suggest that this increases your metabolism when taken at high dosages, but it is not included in a significant dose here.
  • Guggul – This is actually an effective herbal extract which increases metabolic rate by stimulating thyroid hormones. Sadly, this included only in a very small quantity.

Overall, Slim Seduction contains a few effective ingredients (like most products) but the most effective ingredients are included in low quantities . The company is also known for sending spam emails as a form of marketing and makes some pretty ridiculous claims. There are certainly better products out there. I do not recommend Slim Seduction

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  • Abigail Wirthlin

    It is funny how these things never work.

  • Alexis

    Horny Horny Horny

  • willow

    I started taking this product last far i feel like i lost a little belly fat It seem to be working for me with my ab lounger

  • Sharon

    I can tell a difference in by does help and it suppresses my appetite. I only take two per day but feel I would get better results with the recommemded four per day.

  • Carrie

    I’ve been taking Slim Seducations for about 2 months and I love it. Not only hae I lost 25lbs but my energy level is like it was when I was 10 yrs ago! Also my sex drive also went up I do recommend Slim Seduction!!!!

  • Pam Schutz

    I repeat, DO NOT, order slim seduction. There marketing practices are extremely suspect. I returned product to them, unused, using their exact procedures.

    I obtained a return, RA number, and put it inside the package and on the outside of the package, I bought delivery confirmation from the post office and it confirms that they received my product three days prior to them billing my acct. I have spoken to two customer service reps, THEY WILL NOT CONNECT YOU WITH A SUPERVISOR, if they even have one and they confirm the phone call giving me the RA number and that they received the product prior to billing my acct and in their contractual time frame but they will not refund me because I made the mistake of not copying the RA number here at home and cannot give them the number.

    They say legally they can do this and I intend to pursue every avenue available to me, even if it costs me more than the product itself, due to principal.

  • sandy

    i have seen absolutely no reduction in cellulite nor any weight loss. has not reduced my eating habits at all.

  • diana

    DO NOT order from these people. It doesn’t matter how well you follow the procedures for cancelling and returning, they charge your credit card three times before you can bat an eye!

    Very misleading and customer service is just someone they put on the phones to tell you you’ve been charged (screwed) and there are no refunds!

  • shebangs

    Slim Seductions Customer service is full of %$#*! I ordered the product and NEVER received it! I contacted the company to make sure that I was not charged anything until I received the product.
    First, they had no idea while the pos office didn’t have a record of the item making it to me in De. Instead, the tracking stopped somewhere in NJ. They could see that it was not traced to my home and that I did not sign for anything. They still would not refund my money! This is the kicker; they told me that they would need to re-ship the product. I would have to receive it, PAY for return shipping out of pocket after I received a RA number in order for them to refund my $12.95 that I paid for the 21 day trial. I told them that at this point, I wanted no other dealings with them and to just give me my money back.
    They then tried to get slick on me. In one of my original inquires about the unreceived package, I was told that if the package does turn up and I decide not to accept it from the post office, that I “should” because if I give it back to the post office, they would then in return throw the package away. BULL!
    I worked for the post office for over 20 years!
    Then they lied and said that they have a not from the post office that my address could not receive mail. (yeah right!) I get packages left all around my home from everyone! FedEx, Post office, UPS. That was the last desperate attempt from them not to refund me. Thank goodness my claim was not for more than what it was!!!
    It is against the law for them to throw away first class mail without going through a verrrry lengthly process.
    Slim Seduction kept refusing to refund my measly $12.95. It could have been a penny!! It was mine! They told me to go to the post office and dispute it with them. I made 1 call to the post office in good faith and had no success. They told me I had to go after the company.
    Finally, I said, “to hell with it” and contacted my credit card company! The representative was so overwhelmed by my situation, that they refunded my money immediately!
    Please, do not waste your time haggling with them. If you are not satisfied, just contact your credit card company.

    Good Luck

  • Stacy

    They did the exact same to me. Told me they had to reship it. I said I dont want it and still said they had to. I said go ahead I will refuse it!! Gues what. They tried to get my signature anyway by just having me sign for an envelope with no return address. I didn’t fall for it. I refused it. Watch out they are VERY sneaky!! My credit card co. took care of it too!

  • Nina

    This company is fraudulent, do not attempt to order their FREE trial, because hundreds of dollars leter you will be sent other bottles and be told you can’t cancel some sort of alledge membership and the crap does not work…there is no majic pill, stop eating fast foods and exercise if you want to lose weight.

  • Lavette

    I am shocked to hear of the bad experience with Slim seduction and it is making me take a position of caution. In any event, I had a positive experience with it. I lost good amount of belly fat, it was noticable after only one bottle. I was so broke at the time that I could not order a second bottle for months. One of the added benefits to me is that it helped to controll my diabetes, It balanced my blood sugar, it didn’t do anything for my libido (good for me), and I am a hard one to lose weight. It controlled my appitite. I didn’t like their aggressive advertizing though.

  • Bert

    Yeah, I’ve been victimized by them, too. I was happy with the product during the 3 week trial period. Did not lose weight, but felt more energy and was getting more done. The promise of increased libido was not a concern for me. I decided to go for the second bottle with their auto-ship program. Then I got an email saying they had charged my credit card because my 3 weeks was up. I called the company to complain, since the charge was for FIFTY dollars, not the 40 it usually costs. The so-called rep said that was the way it was done… the first bottle is $50, unless you return it. I said I used it all up, had nothing to return. He said, well, too bad. You still owe $50. I said the company was sneaky and I would not tolerate them anymore and to just cancel me. He argued that the company terms of use were clearly stated on the web site, but you have to wade through a ton of fine print and ambiguous terminology, and it still does not say what he said it did. He gave me a cancellation number without even trying to talk me out of it. I can only hope they don’t keep charging the card. I told him this was the first time I’d been penalized for wanting to stay with the company, but they appear to reward you if you quit in time. He hung up.

  • Sam

    Now I’m scared to purchase this product!!!! Their bad out weighs the good from these posts!!!! Thanks

  • Johanna

    I ordered it and haven’t had the bad experience yet, I did cancel the membership, but I am completely scared they will charge my credit card again even though I canceled it. I wish I would have read this before I went and purchased it!!!! UGH

  • Karen

    I have been taking 2weeks now.doesn’t feel like I have lost any weight.But the scale doesn’t lie.I am a true beleiver.I never had any of the things happen to me.Received my bottle in about 8 days was so excited when i received it,I plan on keep taking it to loose more weight thanks alot

  • aixa

    im so scared knoe to buy this slim seduction as i was reading it online i was already loving it but hearing you guys made me think about it twice thanks for posts
    thanks :0 ;)

  • vanessa

    This product sucks and i dint loose any weight at all plus i was hungry most of the times please dont purchase it you will make the biggest mistake and loose your money.

  • Steph

    Whats funny about the Slim Seduction, If you live in Canada, you can buy it at the stores for like 25 bucks! It’s been at Shoppers Drug Mart for years now at least 2 years. On their website it says that you cannot get it anywhere in stores. Maybe thats for the States but deff not Canada. They also sell it at other drug stores and even walmart. Don’t order it online you’ll just loose your money like all other ones. Go to a store, pay less and if it doesnt work then toss it and count your losses. As you know you have to eat right and excersise for anything of these things to do anything anyway. none of them are worth the money.

  • Teri

    Another unsatisfied customer. I received the trial 14 day shipment with a full month shipment 12 days after I ordered. This was the day beore Thanksgiving. On the invoice in small print at the bottom it stated I would be billed the full price for both bottles on Fri the 28th. This was two days away with a holiday in between. I called and was informed that the 14 day trial starts the day you order, irregardless of when you receive it. I asked if they could postpone the payment until the 1st when I got paid, as the charge would not go through my debit card. I was told no way. They refused to allow me to talk to a supervisor and told me I had to wait to get an RA number and then send it back. After it was received by them they would refund the money. I reminded them that it would bounce, and that I was not willing to pay an extra charge. I went to my bank and cancelled my debit card, to avoid the charges. I then called back to ask for the ra number and was told it still only counted if they received it within the 30 days. I only had five days left for my 30 days and was informed that it would not arrive in time, and they would not refund me. I again explained that as it had not been paid for, they did not owe me a refund, I just wanted nothing more to do with them. I was informed to send it priority mail. I refused to pay additional to return their product, and we would just see where they wanted to go with the account. I informed them that I felt their ads were deceptive and the girl had no response. I am not sure what will happen now, but would not recommend anyone ordering form them.

  • Ramona Miller

    You said it was a free trail just pay shipping and handling.And if I did not like them I could send them back. You billed my account 79.00 dollars before I even got the pills and when I got them it was not even the Acia Berry I ask for. I do not want this I tried what you sent and they do not even help my energy. I want the 79.00 dollars back and you can have this Slim Seduction back. I do not believe you all any more about any thing I thank you all are nothing but liers. Because of the way you all did it taking money before I even got the pills.
    Ramona Miller

  • nadia

    i have reported them to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and i suggest you all do the same.I too sign up for the free trial and my card was charged oover $80.00 and i have yet to receive the products.I informed them that i never received the free trial and that i wish to cancel any future shipment yet they went ahead and charged my card. These people need to refund everyone whom they have ripped off.

  • Patty

    I am so glad I read these postings. I also was considering purchasing this product. Something kept telling me to investigate first. Thank goodness! I should have known this would be too good to be true.

  • Jay

    DO NOT ORDER from this company. I, like many others have been ripped off to some extent. They owe me return shipping charges at best. I placed two orders, the trial of slim seduction and an additional package of 3 bottles of product. I was charged before receiving them. Once received, I never opened these bottles and decided to return both orders. I called to obtain the return confirmation number and got nothing but a hard time. I wanted to cancel and return the products. They told me I couldn’t return but one of my orders which made absolutely no sense. I ordered them both online at the same time. To that end, I returned all bottles and had to do it within 2 days or I wouldn’t get a refund no exceptions. I had to pay 2nd day overnight charges costing about $40 dollars. The next day, I had yet another $79 dollar charge on my credit card, but never received the shipment. I immediately called and got my credit card company involved to ensure refunds back to me. I’ve received the product refund immediately after that, but I’m out the return shipping costs. I’m not sure this is over..I keep watching for the next erroneous email or charge to my credit card. This company needs to be shutdown.

  • betty crocker

    thank you so much for all the input I almost bought into this mess but I thought I better check and see what I could find out thanks again

  • Catherine

    Thank you Ladies. I too almost fell for the scam, but after reading everything said, I am so glad I did not fall victim. It is people, such as yourselves, who take the time to sit down and warn others. Bless you all.

    I wish each and everyone of you to find peace within your own body, because I hate mine :-). It would be nice if we could drop weight bitchin about all these diet scams out there. We would all be a SIZE O.

  • Jessica

    This company is ver deceptive. There marketing strategies are absolutely ridiculous. They should not even be in business for what they are doing to there customers. You call there so called customer service line and they tell you that the terms and conditions were on the order page. Well, first off, the order page that I order from was the one that Oprah was talking about how wonderful the Acai was. Well, when you click on Free Trial of Acai Berry it brings up the page of this God awful company. No where on that page does it say terms and conditions. And no where on that page does it say that you will be billed 80 dollars in 14 DAYS!!!!!!!! They are nothing but a scam and just want to get peoples money. The product didn’t even work. It made me so sick to my stomach that I literally felt like I was having a bomb go off inside of me. THEY ARE A AWFUL COMPANY. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR FREE TRIAL. Because it is not.

  • Sexy Lady

    Hey ya’ll its me ive lost 69lbs thanks to Slim Seduction it really works and ive only been taking them 5 months isnt that great oh i have to go now my mans calling you know how it is with those afternoon sex calls SEE YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  • Deborah Celestine

    I have been calling since I got this product. No on answers their 800 595-4670 number. Don’t order this product!!

  • Jeanette

    This product sucks very bad. I have been trying to get thru to them for the past 4 days now. The 800 number for cancellation first said they can’t receive the calls now try again later. Now I am on the phone on hold with them and it has been 50 minutes so far and it is stating there are 12 calls ahead of me. It first started out at 37, because they are selling so many of these pills, (THAT IS A BUNCH OF BULLS_ _ _!) This product doesn’t work. It has slowed down my appetite nor has it helped with the libido and it doesn’t give you any energy at all. I am going to call the Better Business Bureau and also the local television stations maybe they can get something done. I hope all the unhappy people will also call these two companies and complain maybe we can then get something done or by chance put them out of business. Oh yeah it also says to email them, I tried that it doesn’t work either. THEY JUST STRAIGHT OUT SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  • j’s mom

    I just recieved this product and read in fine print that I was going to be charged 79 bucks or something like that and tried to call the 303 number but it won’t go through so I called my credit card and cancelled it through them. I have not even taken the pills yet but know for a fact they are not worth 80.00 a month!!

  • trishs89

    I wished I had read all these reviews before I ordered this product. I started today taking it so, I can’t tell you if is working yet. I received two packages in the mail and will see if I get the money back for the second package.

  • Paula

    I am so glad I kept reading before ordering this product.
    This is one 80.00 they wont get.Thanks again!

  • george hughes

    ive orlder these pills for my wife ant got them it been [3] day now i hope when i get them thy will work on her i will stay more when get them

  • Margaret

    I’ve been using Slim Seduction off and on for several months. I do notice a decrease in appetite and moderate amount of weight loss. I also notice an increase in my sex drive.
    I won’t say the pills are phenomenal, but I think they work pretty well when used as according to directions, with a reasonable diet, and light exercise.

  • Stephy

    Cancel your card if you ordered already. If you didn’t order, put the crack pipe down and back slowly away!!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just ephedrine like the drugstore diet pills. Go to walmart and spend $5 and be done with it!!

    Once these people get your credit card, they will continue to charge you and they don’t even bother to send you the product half the time.

    Just don’t let them get yours.

  • Dawn

    I was a victim too. I have left 5 messages, emailed 6 times with no response. I ordered, never received the product and then I got billed. I cancelled my CARD. I am going to the BBB tomorrow and expose them on the news channels as well.


  • Cindy Klitzke

    I wish to cancel the shipment for the product, Slim Body Seduction, however, I can’t seem to get through to a customer service rep on the 1-800 number. There are long holds. Could someone please contact me regarding a return authorization number and address so I may return the item and have it credited back to my account.

  • joy

    i have ordered slim seduction and actually received it (today) unlike some other people. i guess i was lucky. after hearing about how it doesn’t work and knowing how hard it is for me to lose any weight i wish i didn’t waste my time and money on it and i don’t know if i should even try to take it by the sound of things i don’t know either if it is worth tring to return.

  • Dora

    I am very angry with this company I was charge 243.67 I never said they could take that much money out of my account. I am very angry and now I am over drawn from my account.


    I called and cancalled slimseduction the same day that I recieved it .I was giving a conformation no. and was told to put in my package to sent back.I have been chargefor the trial order andwas charge $79.90 for a order , that I didnot ask for.I think this is a bad way to do business.or to continue charging everyone for orders that they donot want ,when they have cancall a product.this is very very wrong .

  • debra wise

    yep same story here i got a 80 on my bill well girls why are we getting no action from this company should we stand together i have contacted my credit card and report that i will not pay

  • Toni T

    Let’s try this. I never ordered this crap and saw a charge on my bank account for 3.95. When the bank told me who this was I went to work on investigating this. I have never heard of this place until now. I cancelled my card and told my bank to keep an out out for this. I dont know who they are but they are messing with the wrong one.

  • Janejbird68

    i wish I could find it now! It worked great for me, I have never had anything shrink belly fat so fast!

  • stealthy44

    I purchased Slim Seduction a few years ago and had success with weight lost (went from 177 to 158 lbs @ 5.5″) within the trial period. However, I was auto billed into the second month with no receipt of the product. When I called to claim refund I was given a RA number to return product and never received my refund. I kept getting the run around. The product worked great for me but the customer service sucksand ploy to get your cc info is unbelievable ! If I could buy it at stores I would do so in a heart beat!

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