SkinnyAde Review

SkinnyAdeSkinnyade claims to be a fat burning energy drink. It comes in packets that are added to water (similar to crystal light packets). Besides burning fat and providing energy, SkinnyAde promises to boost your metabolism and curb your appetite. It promises to burn fat from your body while you sit at your desk (no extra effort required). Hearing all these claims reminds me of some wise counsel from my mother, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

SkinnyAde’s Claims

The body burns carbs for energy before body fat. SkinnyAde claims to be able to “flip the switch” and force the body to burn fat before the carbs. There are a few problems with this claim:

  1. There are no trustworthy clinical studies that support this claim
  2. SkinnyAde doesn’t disclose which ingredients induce this effect
  3. The claim is illogical. Even if the body did burn the fat before the carbs. The unused and unburned carbs turn into fat which eliminates any benefit from the process

SkinnyAde Ingredients

The home page of SkinnyAde does not mention one ingredient in the product. This is a bad sign. In the weight loss industry the less information a company divulges, the more skeptical you should be. If their product included effective ingredients at proper dosages, wouldn’t they want to let you know? In order to find any information on what’s in SkinnyAde, we had to find a link hidden in the bottom right of the screen.

Important ingredients in SkinnyAde:

  • Vitamin C
  • Chromium
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea

The best fat loss ingredients in SkinnyAde are chromium, caffeine, and green tea. Chromium helps boost the body’s metabolism. Caffeine not only is a great energy provider but can also help with the metabolism. Green tea is one of the best fat burning ingredients on the market. It also is rich in anti-oxidants which help strengthen the immune system. Unfortunately the amount of caffeine and green tea in SkinnyAde is not nearly sufficient to make a significant difference in your weight loss efforts.

The other ingredients in SkinnyAde are great for overall health but aren’t going to do a whole lot for you as far as weight loss is concerned.

SkinnyAde Side Effects

There are no serious side effects associated with SkinnyAde. It does contain caffeine, which can cause effects such as headaches, insomnia, the jitters, and anxiety, in people that are sensitive to stimulants.

The SkinnyAde Website

The SkinnyAde website contains little useful information. There are no clinical studies or scientific data backing SkinnyAde or its ingredients, nor is there any testimonials.

SkinnyAde Price and Return Policy

If you want to take 3 packets a day for 30 days it will set you back $95.95. This is extremely expensive for what you get especially considering the weak weight loss formula. SkinnyAde offers a 15 satisfaction guarantee. Although better than nothing, 15 days is not nearly enough time to be able to discern the quality of the product.

Overall Value

Weak ingredient profile + Small Quantities of Quality Ingredients + Outlandish Claims + Expensive=Not Worth Buying.

The idea of having a weight loss drink mix is a novel idea. However, the rest of the approach for SkinnyAde is way off the mark. There just is not much positive to say about SkinnyAde.

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