Simply Slender Master Cleanse Review

Simply Slender Master CleanseWould you trust a diet solution that has been around since 1960′s? Definitely, it does work and has been around for so long that the effects have truly been seen by many. Now let’s be clear, “The Master Cleanse” has been around since 1960′s, it was a mixture of 3 ingredients: freshly squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper powder and maple syrup. Doctors would recommend that one mix these three ingredients and drink a glass of it every couple hours. The lemon juice would cause the body to alkalize while the vitamins and fuel for the body would come from the cayenne pepper and the maple syrup.

So what is the difference with Simply Slender Master Cleanse? They went ahead and mixed it up for you while adding a few more ingredients. These ingredients consist of anti-oxidants as well as a stimulant and a laxative. Why the laxative? Good question, there is no reason except that this may make you feel better about the cleansing product, most believe that a real cleansing will cause loose bowel movements.

Simply Slender Master Cleanse Side Effects

Simply Slender Master Cleanse will cause you to have diarrhea.

Simply Slender Master Cleanse Pros

  • Very convenient
  • Formula has proven to cleanse the body since the 1960′s!

Simply Slender Master Cleanse Cons

  • $29.99 may be a lot to pay for something that you can make all by yourself
  • Could be potentially dangerous if you do not eat while taking the product
  • Proprietary blend

Simply Slender Master Cleanse Conclusion

This long proven formula has made a name for itself: “The Master Cleanse.” Simply Slender was very smart to make an easy mix solution that is so convenient, makes me wish I would have thought to do it. The one problem we see with this product is that the ingredients come in a proprietary blend, meaning that you will not know exactly how much of what you are taking. With a diet solution like this, it is very important that you do know what you are taking. If the mixture was somehow messed up you may not have enough carbohydrates to feed your brain and your body will go into panic mode. Use caution if you do decide to order this product.

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