Revivatox Total Body Cleanse Review

Revivatox Total Body CleanseNot really. Revivatox Total Body Cleanse does have some ingredients that will cause you to rush to the bathroom every few hours however don’t mistake this for a “Body Cleanse.” Many people feel that if they are uncontrollably going to the bathroom that they are not getting the correct cleanse, this is not the case. There are many cleansing products out there that cleanse the body without having laxative effects.

How Does Revivatox Total Body Cleanse Work?

Revivatox Total Body Cleanse has a very long list of ingredients that seems impossible to fit in one pill. This means there must be very low amounts of each. The main effect these ingredients have in common are the laxative effects. There is one difference in the Revivatox Total Body Cleanse compared to others is the hormonal control ingredients which are said to be important in restoring hormonal concentrations. This is a good idea but for the average individual hormonal control is not a problem.

Revivatox Total Body Cleanse Side Effects

High laxative effect which will cause uncontrollable bowel movements.

Revivatox Total Body Cleanse Pros:

  • Organic, All-Natural ingredients
  • Comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee (this could also be considered a con because 30-days is not nearly enough to see the effects of a cleansing product)

Revivatox Total Body Cleanse Cons:

  • The high price ($59.95/ bottle) makes Revivatox Total Body Cleanse a very low value. You can find the same quality product for half the price.
  • Customer service is much harder to get a hold of then they make you think. They do offer live chats online however we have never been able to talk to anyone on their live chat.

Revivatox Total Body Cleanse Conclusion

Revivatox Total Body Cleanse will cause some loose bowel movements but don’t be fooled into thinking that it is cleansing your body. Only 2 of the 19 ingredients have any cleansing effect. The others are mainly laxatives. You could go to the local gas station and find a laxative for a much lower price that will really have almost the same effect on you as Revivatox Total Body Cleanse will. Go spend the $60 somewhere else.

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