Reviewing Weight Loss Products

How We Review Weight Loss Products

Research, Research, Research

When it comes to reviewing weight loss products we do our homework. We make sure we have every bit of information possible on the weight loss product. In the weight loss market there is a lot of hype and a lot of fluff. We try to determine which information is just hype and which is in fact reality.

Overall Weight Loss is Important But…..

Obviously the reason we buy weight loss products is to lose weight. While this is a huge factor in how a weight loss product is reviewed, it is not the only factor.


A big factor is safety. If we all thought hard enough we could think of a weight loss product that did harm to someone we know (Phen-Phen for example). Even though a product will help you lose weight if it is not safe or healthy for your body it is not worth taking. You should never jepordize your safety by taking weight loss product.


Another big factor is pricing. When there are two comparable products that each garner about the same results if there is a price difference between the two, obviously we want the cheaper one. We also believe In the notion that the product with the lowest price isn’t necessarily and usually isn’t the best one.

Guarantees, Warranties, Auto Ship Programs, etc…

When you are buying a product there are things you should think about besides safety, pricing, and effectiveness. These are things that go with it. There should always be a guarantee or warranty, if there is not it means one thing, the company has no confidence in its own product.

Also, we recommend doing research into auto ship programs. There are a lot of nasty ones out there that are hard to get out of.


Will the weight loss product help you lose weight? We answer this question.

Clinical Studies and Customer Reviews

We also look to see if clinical studies were done and what the results were and if they are reliable. Customer reviews are very important too. We take a look at what previous customers had to say about the product.

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