QNT Riptek Review

QNT Riptek is a diet pill designed to help you with weight loss before, after, and during your workout. Usually, when you work out you increase your metabolism and after completing a strength training workout your metabolism can remain at those elevated levels for 48-72 hours. QNT Riptek works to further enhance this increase in metabolism and also to help with appetite suppression so you avoid consuming extra calories in the first place.

A study was completed using users of QNT Riptek. In this double blind study it showed that people on QNT Riptek as opposed to the placebo group burned up to 12 times more calories in the same amount of time and this elevated caloric expenditure continued on even after exercise. They also claim that you will be able to increase your oxygen uptake simply by taking this diet pill. We are very skeptical that you can increase your oxygen consumption by taking a diet pill but perhaps it will allow you to train harder thus increasing your fitness levels.

QNT Riptek Ingredients

QNT Riptek contains niacin, a thermogenic fat loss accelerator complex called CapsiShredXII, and Adipotex C3G- a proprietary targeted lipolytic complex. For the most part the ingredients contained in QNT Riptek have not been proven to be effective weight loss ingredients. Several of the ingredients may stimulate greater health benefits such as a boost to your immune system but for the most part QNT Riptek contains ingredients that are not effective at stimulating weight loss or increasing metabolism.

QNT Riptek Pros

We always like to see diet pills that contain several proven weight loss ingredients, metabolism boosters, and appetite suppressants. Although QNT Riptek does not contain very many of these, you may see other health benefits after taking QNT Riptek which could be worth it. Niacin has been known to improve cholesterol by decreasing bad cholesterol and elevating good cholesterol. You may also notice a boost in your immune system after using QNT Riptek because there are several antioxidants contained in it. There is a powerful caffeine included in QNT Riptek which could help you to notice weight loss effects but we wouldn’t place our money on a diet pill with only one proven ingredient.

QNT Riptek Cons

Because caffeine is included in QNT Riptek there are the classic side effects which can be mild in some people but can be life altering for other people. While using QNT Riptek you may notice that your heart rate is elevated and you have trouble sleeping at night. You might also have trouble with jitteriness, irritability, nervousness, and headaches. If you already drink caffeine in your coffee or soft drinks you might not notice as much of an effect because your body may have built up some immunity. You could also experience a flushed face and body due to the niacin.

The QNT Riptek Bottom Line

Well, this is a hard one. The caffeine contained in QNT Riptek could help to produce real results. However, there seem to be so many other factors that it is difficult to say whether or not you will notice real results due to the diet pill or healthy changes in your diet and exercise habits. If you are going to use a diet pill to further your weight loss goals we would recommend choosing one with more proven ingredients and one that does not have as many side effects.

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