Phendimetrazine Review

nophotoPhendimetrazine (say it three times fast-it has a strange soothing effect) is a temporary prescription weight loss solution for the extremely obese. It is recommend for people with BMI’s of over 30. How Phendimetrazine works is through appetite suppression. It was designed with over-eaters in mind. In a nut shell, you take one 35 milligram tablet of Phendimetrazine one hour before a meal. Phendimetrazine will make you feel full so you will eat less. Repeating this meal after meal can lead to considerable weight loss after a few months. A big downer about Phendimetrazine is that it is only a temporary solution. After a few months, the pill will have a decreasing beneficial impact until your cravings are back to where they started (because of this we question if there is any point to taking Phendimetrazine). Let’s take a closer look at Phendimetrazine.

Phendimetrazine Ingredients

Phendimetrazine only contains one ingredient, Phendimetrazine tartrate.Is Phendimetrazine FDA approved? Yes. This might mean something to you. It might not. We take FDA approvals with a grain of salt. There are high-quality FDA approved products and there are mediocre FDA approved products. All-natural health supplements are rarely approved by the FDA because its approval is not required (and getting a product FDA approved costs a bunch of money-also a reason why over-the counter health supplements are cheaper).

Phendimetrazine Side Effects

A problem with prescription diet pills in the past is that their potential side effect list seemed to never stop growing. An example is Fen-Phen. Fen-Phen appeared to be a rather harmless miracle weight loss aid with limited side effects. Nearly every overweight person in American was on the pill, but as its popularity increased the numerous potential side effects also increased. After a few years on the market, it was discovered that Fen-Phen caused heart valve failure and was associated with a number of deaths.

We are not predicting Phendimetrazine of being associated with more serious side effects in the future but you never know. Common side effects of Phendimetrazine include: palpitation, tachycardia, elevated blood pressure, overstimulation, restlessness, insomnia, agitation, flushing, tremors, sweating, dizziness, headaches, psychotic state, blurry vision, dryness of the mouth, nausea, diarrhea, loose stools, constipation,stomach pain, urinary frequency, changes in libido

Phendimetrazine Price and Return Policy

Phendimetrazine is available for purchase without a prescription online. However, many online medical websites discourage this. If you feel like you can diagnose yourself and trust the online stores, this might not be a bad choice as you can save a few bucks. Keep in mind that several of the online sites have questionable billing practices such as auto-ship so be careful.

The other option is purchasing Phendimetrazine the old fashioned way by visiting a doctor and getting a prescription. This is far less risky as a doctor will be able to better discern if Phendimetrazine is for you. The down side is you will have to pay for the doctor’s visit and the product might be more expensive at a pharmacy. Like all prescription diet pills out there, there is no money back guarantee.

Overall Value

Meh. There are much better options out there than Phendimetrazine.

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