OneBode Define Review

OneBode DefineIf you are at all like me it was really overwhelming when you first decided to use a diet pill.  I was so desperate to finally lose some weight that I probably didn’t look at quite enough information about each of the individual products.  Finally, I got so sick of looking at different diet pills that I just picked one.  It was almost like the game my daughter plays–eenie meeny miney mo or however that’s spelled.

The one I finally landed on was OneBode Define.  It looked at least a little appealing because it contains all natural ingredients and isn’t supposed to be stimulating.  Since I have enough health problems already I decided a non-stimulating formula was the only way to go so I started using OneBode Define.  The ingredients in OneBode Define are: magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, yerba mate extract, conjugated linoleic acid and ginger root among others.  When I first looked into diet pills I obviously didn’t know a ton about the different ingredients but ones like green tea were included in a lot of them so I figured that I would at least get something out of using OneBode Define.

I had a few side effects such as constipation but it didn’t last for too long.  I also tried to adjust my diet so that I was eating healthier foods and I started walking instead of driving my car everywhere.  I even took the stairs at work and I have to say that the first time I did that it was brutal!

OneBode Define Cost

For 90 capsules which is about a 30 day supply I paid $34.99.  It wasn’t too bad but there wasn’t a guarantee offered so when I didn’t see any of the promised results it was pretty hard to be happy with spending even that moderate amount on a diet pill.

OneBode Define Pros

  • All natural ingredients
  • Not too expensive

OneBode Define Cons

  • No guarantee
  • Proprietary blend can’t contain enough of proven ingredients
  • Very little information is published

OneBode Define Conclusion

Eenie meeny minie mo didn’t pay off quite as much as I had hoped but I didn’t pick the worst product either.  I have since tried some of the top rated diet pills and I have seen even greater success.  But when I was using OneBode Define I had some results and was pleased to see my waist line shrinking slowly but surely.  Even my daughter commented that she could get her 5 year old arms around more of my waist than she had ever been able to before.

Honestly, I think I saw results mostly from increasing physical activity and improving my diet but OneBode Define certainly didn’t hurt my chances at losing weight.  I had more energy which was exactly what I needed in order to walk just a little bit further.  I still haven’t joined a gym but that might come next since some of the diet pills I’m using now are actually giving me the results I have always looked for.

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