NOW Thyroid Energy Review

My husband probably has the fastest metabolism around. He can eat anything he wants and I swear that he never gains a pound. Me, I’m the opposite. I have to carefully watch every bite I eat so that I don’t gain a pound. Sometimes I gain weight just by looking at a piece of cheesecake. And chocolate fudge cake? It goes straight from my eyes to my hips. I have an incredibly slow metabolism when you compare it to my husband’s and it’s hard for me to find good meals I can make that will fill him up but that won’t make me pudge out.

When I decided that it was maybe my thyroid that had problems I started to look for alternatives to a prescription thyroid medication. It took a little bit of time but I finally decided on using NOW Thyroid Energy. It has iodine and tyrosine which are the two key ingredients for the production of the thyroid hormone which plays a huge role in how much fat is stored. It also can help to increase metabolism making it easier for me to lose the weight I have gained over the past few years. I was also impressed with the vitamins that were included in NOW Thyroid Energy. It has 100% of the recommended daily value of folic acid which is especially important for women. But it also has B vitamins which have been shown to increase energy. I found that when using a product that had B vitamins for energy instead of something like caffeine I had more energy to do the things I needed to but I didn’t have to worry about having one of those awful crashes that seem to happen whenever you use caffeine. I know that when I take diet pills that have insane amounts of caffeine I am sluggish as soon as it wears off and I started to think that maybe that was one of the reasons that I was having such a hard time losing weight.

NOW Thyroid Energy Cost

The lowest price I have seen for NOW Thyroid Energy is $9.93. There isn’t a guarantee offered for it but since it so inexpensive there isn’t really much to lose anyway.

NOW Thyroid Energy Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • Contains iodine and tyrosine

NOW Thyroid Energy Cons

  • Doesn’t have ingredients that can have a huge impact on weight loss
  • Not effective for everyone

NOW Thyroid Energy Conclusion

I lost a fair amount of weight using NOW Thyroid Energy. It didn’t make me lose tons of weight but since it turns out that my thyroid was a little slow it helped to provide what I needed to have a healthy thyroid that functioned well. I think it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program but NOW Thyroid Energy added just a little bit extra. There have been a lot of people that I talked to that didn’t find any success when using it but not every diet pill can work for everyone! Because it wasn’t too expensive I felt comfortable buying it even without a satisfaction guarantee.

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