Natural Trim Diet Pills Review

Natural Trim Diet Pills promise to help you lose “3 times more weight loss than diet and exercise alone.” Despite such high claims, Natural Trim Diet Pills contain a rather ordinary ingredient profile. There is nothing new or revolutionary in Natural Trim Diet Pills. Just the same stuff found in your average diet pill. Let’s take a closer look at Natural Trim Diet Pills.

Natural Trim Diet Pills Ingredients

Natural Trim Diet Pills are comprised of two proprietary blends. Ingredients include:

  • chromium
  • yohimbe bark extract
  • evodia fruit
  • 7-keto
  • rhodiola rosea extract
  • vinpocetine
  • bioperine
  • caffeine anhydrous

There are two big worries with the ingredient profile for Natural Trim. First, there are few proven effective weight loss ingredients. Unless an ingredient has been backed by credible clinical studies, we are skeptical. Besides caffeine and 7-Keto, there isn’t much in Natural Trim with any credibility (Bioperine is a decent ingredient but won’t make a substantial impact).

The other big worry is concerning the dosages of the different ingredients. We can’t be sure of the exact quantities because of the proprietary blends but considering the whole pill contains less than 450 milligrams, we are worried. There are only 88 milligrams of caffeine, which isn’t going to do much for you.

Natural Trim Diet Pills Side Effects

Natural Trim Diet Pills don’t contain nearly the same dosage of stimulants as other diet pills, but there are still some. Some bodies react to stimulants differently than others, so if you got the right genetics you might skip the side effects altogether. Common side effects include:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • the jitters
  • nervouseness

Be sure to drink plenty of water with Natural Trim.

Natural Trim Diet Pills Price and Return Policy

One bottle of Natural Trim Diet Pills can be purchased off of their website for $50 plus shipping and handling. For a mediocre diet pill, this is extremely overpriced.

According to their website:

Return Policy

  • All refund requests must be made through the place of purchase within 30 days of the original sale (invoice) date.
  • Any original shipping costs are not refundable.
  • Any return delivery/shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
  • All refunds/credits will be processed using the same method of payment utilized with the original order.
  • All products must be returned with original sales receipt.
  • Limit of one refund per customer per item for opened product. Any remaining products must be returned in resalable condition.”

When we saw that there were terms and conditions to their money back guarantee, it was easy to be skeptical (many companies have escape clauses and fine print that make getting your money back impossible), but surprisingly Natural Trim’s guarantee checks out. The only downer is that shipping is not refunded and you only have 30 days from the original sale date to decide if it is worth keeping.

Overall Value

Are Natural Trim Diet Pills worth purchasing? No. No. No. Natural Trim Diet Pills fail to impress. The words mediocre and overpriced come to mind.

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