Natrol Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse Review

Natrol Acai Berry Weekend CleanseMost people would love to feel completely “cleansed” after a long weekend. For some the cleansing involves grabbing a good book and hitting the pool. Others prefer going hiking. This kind of cleanse is obviously a little different as it clears out your colon rather than your mind. The product is fairly inexpensive and also includes the popular acai berry, but it isn’t too clear that it will ultimately do more than flush your digestive system and leave you a little uncomfortable.

What’s in Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse?

There are three separate doses here to be taken over three days.

Step one – “Cleanse Now” –

  • Acai berry extract – 750 mg
  • Psylium husk – 337 mg
  • Senna leaf – 90 mg

Step two – ”Detox Now” –

  • Milk thistle extract – 545 mg
  • Silymarin – 468 mg
  • Herbal Blend – 300 mg
    • Dandelion
    • Black radish
    • Burdock root
    • Ginger extract
    • Parsley

Step three -“Replenish Now” –

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus – 200 mg

Step one appears to be mainly a laxative and it is doubtful that you’ll really be getting the most from the acai extract considering the senna leaf will be flushing your intestines out anyway. The step two contains an herbal blend of diuretics (make you urinate more frequently) as well as milk thistle extracts that some have suggested help to improve liver function. The liver is your natural detox center.

Finally, with a dose of probiotic bacteria you can rebuild the workforce of microorganisms that do much of your digestion for you. This is a welcome addition and regular supplementation of probiotics can do much to keep you healthy.

Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse Price

Direct from Natrol – $13, Elsewhere – as low as $8

Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse Pros

  • Good dose of probiotics
  • Inexpensive

Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse Cons

  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • Few long-term benefits

Acai Berry Weekend Cleanse Conclusion

From the ingredients, you can really only count on this product doing a few significant things for you – it will clear out your intestines, make you urinate quite a bit, and replace whatever intestinal bacteria it might kill. As a short-term product it’s not going to really help you lose much weight and might actually just make you feel uncomfortable instead of refreshed and “cleansed”.

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