MZT Diet Pills Review

MZT Diet PillsMZT Diet Pills promise to “help you lose up to 7 pounds a week.” MZT diet pills are one of the most famous weight loss product to come from Asia. Like most Asian diet pills, MZT diet pills suffer from three factors: lackluster ingredient profile, limited disclosure from the manufacturer, counterfeit and imitation products abound. There has been the occasional user that has liked MZT diet pills, but the majority of customer reviews are full with complaints. Let’s take a closer look at MZT diet pills.

MZT Diet Pills Ingredients

  • Jobstears-jobstears is just another name for barley. It can provide a few health benefits and is a mild diuretics. Diuretics make you pee which leads to temporary water weight loss (unfortunately it comes back just as quickly as you lose it).
  • Artemisia Dracunculus-its inclusion is a mystery to us. There are no clinical studies showing the artemisia dracunculus provides any weight loss or health benefits.
  • Bamboo shoot-bamboo shoots are great for overall health but has little to no fat burning capabilities.
  • Psylium husk-some studies suggest the psylium husk may help with diabetes and controlling cholesterol capabilities. Psylium husk expands when combined with water to the point that it may be dangerous. The FDA has warned that psylium husk can block your throat and cause choking.
  • Lotus leaf-lotus leaf may provide health benefits but little more.
  • Seed fat-may provide health benefits but little more.

Besides psylium husk, there are no ingredients backed by any sort of scientific evidence to help with weight loss. Since there is no official website for the manufacturer and because they hide their ingredient label from consumers, there may be other ingredients. Of the disclosed ingredients, no quantities are given leaving consumers in the dark. An effective diet pill requires quality ingredients included at the right dosages. MZT diet pills appear to have neither.

MZT Diet Pills Side Effects

Because we are unclear if all of the ingredients in MZT diet pills are disclosed, we can’t be sure of its safety. Reading customer reviews, the most common complaints were headaches, nausea, dry mouth, bad breath, anxiety, insomnia, and the jitters.

MZT Diet Pills Website

There is no official MZT Diet Pill website.

MZT Diet Pills Price and Return Policy

The biggest pro about MZT diet pills is the price. A package of MZT diet pills can be purchased for as little as $10 (although you can expect high shipping charges considering it is produced in China). There is no money back guarantee. If you do decide to purchase Meizitang diet pills, make sure the website is secure. Be wary of MZT diet pills if the price seems too low or if there are numerous misspelled words. There are numerous rumors on the internet about the high amount of counterfeit MZT diet pills.

There is no money back guarantee with MZT Diet Pills. All purchases are as-is.

MZT Diet Pills Conclusion

Although MZT diet pills are cheap, you pay for what you get. A lackluster product leads to lackluster results. If you have tried MZT diet pills, please leave a comment.

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Recent MZT Diet Pills User Comments

4 Reviews

  1. luisa osorio
    October 15, 2010 @ 11:47 pm


    i have been taking MZT for almost 2 months and so far ive lost 20 pounds and every week i lose pounds,, also im working out everyday.. i do have dry mouth , at the beginning i didnt sleep well, now i get to sleep my 8 hours, and it gives me energy all day.. thats all i can say.

  2. Angela Campos
    November 6, 2010 @ 3:24 am


    Well i have been taking the MZT PILLS for 1 month & 1 week now and I am totally satisfied with my weight lost. The first week on the pills I lost a total of 18 lbs. and well up to now im almost dwn to my dream weight! I am currently still taking them and plan to get some stronger diet pills because i do want to reduce a little faster than what i have. In this month I have gone from 190lbs. to 160lbs. Yes at first i felt HORRIBLE health wise. I had a horrible crave for water, headaches, DEPRESSION, insomnia, bone aches & my mood was up the roof and all the time was very tempermental. What i notice now is that my body has gotten used to them and that now most of the symptoms have gone aways except the water craving and well my hunger level has gone extremely down. From eating a whole full meal of just a regular burger now i can burly finish a $1.00 burger and with jst like 3 fries and im super full. Yes it can be a risk in taking them but so is everything in life like taking vaccines, or even eating a strawberry. If you dont feel good taking them then quit them and move onto another method. For me they have worked wonders and yes at first it was hard but getting back to my old high school body has a price and well this is the quickest one i found now i just need exercise to tone up and not have such saggy skin. I RECCOMEND THE MZT PILLS.

  3. Isaac Ruvalcaba
    January 9, 2011 @ 12:34 pm


    I have taken the pills for about a week now and i feel much different, i lost my apetite and also feel much more energy. i have lost, about 5 pounds i was weight at 205 and now i am at 199 to 200. I do lift weights about 3 times a week and drink about 1/2 a gallon of water. At first i could not sleep but other then that i am good now.

  4. mn
    January 11, 2011 @ 4:54 am


    Can anyone tell me about the long term result using the MTZ diet pill. Normally as soon as you go off the pill you start picking up the weight.

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