MuscleSpeed MS4 Review

There have been quite a few people who have liked using MuscleSpeed MS4. They have reported increases in strength and endurance and have said that their power was greater than before. So does MuscleSpeed MS4 really live up to all its claims? There are few products that can actually offer everything they say they will offer. MuscleSpeed MS4 says that they will help you to improve your power so that you can perform better both in the gym and during your performances.

MuscleSpeed MS4 has ingredients that can improve the transmitters in your brain. When you exercise and follow a weight training program, the first few weeks you won’t notice any improvement in your muscle size. What happens is that your brain is better able to transmit the signal to your muscles and because they can work better you actually notice an improvement in strength even before it looks like your muscles have grown. Using a product like MuscleSpeed MS4 that enhances the neurotransmitters can have a greater impact on your strength and development because it is taking advantage of the changes that take place during the first few weeks of training.

You may also notice an increase in your energy which can allow you to work out longer and harder. Some people said that this increase in energy lasted for several hours but there were also a lot of other people that only noticed an increase in energy for an hour or so. The hard thing is that because caffeine is one of the main ingredients it does come along with the same side effects and you may experience a huge crash a few hours after using it that can make it hard to get through the day.

MuscleSpeed MS4 Cost


Although this does seem like a rather expensive product they offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. They claim that there will be no hassles and no questions asked but rarely does a guarantee actually give you that even when they say they will. They all want to know why their product is being returned even if it’s just so they can work to improve the product in the future.

MuscleSpeed MS4 Pros

  • Increases energy
  • Can improve endurance and power

MuscleSpeed MS4 Cons

  • Not a well known company
  • Does not contain enough effective ingredients

MuscleSpeed MS4 Conclusion

MuscleSpeed MS4 can provide some benefits as far as increases in strength. It can also have an impact on weight loss because caffeine can help to increase your metabolism making you able to burn more calories during a workout or during any other time of the day. Furthermore, when you gain muscle you can increase your metabolism even more so that you can burn even more weight. It’s hard to know how well this product will actually work, however, because the company is so new that there has not been enough time to actually look at the effectiveness. If you are looking to gain muscle and lose weight you may see some benefits from using MuscleSpeed MS4 bust most likely it will just provide an increase in energy and a decrease in recovery time.

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