Molecular Nutrition Test Factor Review

Test factor is a testosterone support supplement made by a company called Molecular Nutrition. Test Factor uses several herbal extracts to boost testosterone levels and they claim it is the most powerful supplement of its kind on the market today. Based on the official claims of Molecular Nutrition, Test factor will increase serum testosterone levels and is also powerful enough to support a full spectrum of androgen action. Using Test Factor is supposed to have the added benefit of increasing protein synthesis rates, energy & vitality; it is also said to extend muscle endurance and enhance nutrient delivery. As if that weren’t enough they want you to use it to increase libido and sexual energy.

How Does It Work?

As you know by now, the body produces the hormone testosterone naturally in order to regulate a wide variety of functions including the formation of muscle tissue. Supplements that try to increase the amount of testosterone in the body do so with the intention of tricking your body into building more muscle than it would on its own. When they use natural herbs instead of anabolic steroids to do so, you are supposed to get the increased muscle benefits without the obvious drawbacks of using an illegal drug.

Test Factor claims to naturally increase testosterone through the use of RC Pensis and AcetoFIT among other key ingredients. These compounds are extracted from the Ruta Chalepensis plant and the Rhemannia glutinosa respectively. Studies done into the effects of these herbs have been focused primarily on their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties but the results of said tests have been used as the basis for its potential endocrine effects. The official site makes particular mention of a study done on lab mice where these extracts had a positive effect on the mice’s endurance along with inhibited creatine kinase and improved glycogen stores. The actual study is called “preliminary” and the official results were not made available.

Things To Consider

This is a testosterone support supplement which means it can have an effect on the amount of testosterone being released in your body. If you are a nursing mother, pregnant or using birth control you shouldn’t take Test Factor and probably shouldn’t even handle it. The official statement on the product also warns people under the age of 18 and those at risk for or in treatment of prostate condition, high blood pressure, heart, thyroid or psychiatric disease, depression, seizure disorder, strokes against using the product. As always, consult your doctor if you decide to take this supplement and are taking other medications.

Final Thought

Messing with your endocrine system is no joke. First of all it is a delicate balance and second it’s not easy to do. Companies will claim all day long that they can effectively increase your testosterone levels and give you all the added benefits in their claims. The research is out there into such claims so make sure you look at all the ingredients and make verify they actually do what they say. In this case the evidence is a little flimsy and I would advise caution in regard to purchasing this particular product.

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