Methyldrene Review

Years ago I started using an ephedra product and it did wonders for me.  I finally didn’t feel hungry dieting and I was able to lose the weight that I had been carrying around for years.  So when ephedra was banned I was worried that I was going to gain the weight back and I wouldn’t ever be able to get if off again.  But there are now numerous products that contain ephedra.  Methyldrene is one of the products that has ephedra and even has the ECA stack.  And ECA stack includes ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin and is supposed to be more effective than simply using any of the ingredients alone.

Methyldrene has all of these ingredients and helped me to lose some weight.  I was disappointed that it didn’t work better than it did and yet I still felt it was a fairly effective product.  I noticed side effects like headaches, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia.  But for me if I can get past the side effects then it’s completely worth it.

When there is a diet pill that has the ability to block the absorption of fat and breakdown fat faster it’s priceless.  But I didn’t see as many results with Methyldrene as I was hoping to see.  There are not very many positive consumer reviews which should have been a sign for me.  Furthermore, after using Methyldrene I had a problem with sleep.  I don’t usually have a problem sleeping but using this product did something to me and I never fell asleep even when I followed the directions and didn’t use it after 3 in the afternoon.  I was so anxious and nervous that I think I scared some of my coworkers by snapping at them and I kept dropping things because I was so jittery.  So obviously I didn’t quite make it past the side effects like I had hoped I would.

Methyldrene Cost

A one month supply of Methyldrene is around $34.95.  You may be able to find it for less but that seems to be about the average price.  Unfortunately, Methyldrene does not come with a guarantee so if you find out that it doesn’t work then you are going to be out of whatever it cost you.

Methyldrene Pros

  • Contains some effective ingredients
  • Increases energy

Methyldrene Cons

  • Uses caffeine
  • No guarantee
  • Expensive

Methyldrene Conclusion

Even though I have seen success using ephedra products in the past, Methyldrene didn’t give me the results I was expecting and it wasn’t worth the side effects since I didn’t get any results.  However, if you have sen results using ephedra in the past then this may be a good place to start looking for a diet pill.  I have since started using top rated diet pills and I always check the consumer reviews so that I know if I am going to get success from a product.  And when a product offers a guarantee it’s even better since money’s tight and I certainly don’t want to be wasting my own money.

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