Metabolife Break Through Review

Metabolife Break ThroughMetabolife Break Through is one of those products that comes along every once in a while and claims to be the absolutely amazing and little-known solution to weight problems.  Of course, by “once in a while”, I mean every day.  What it means by break through is that it will supposedly help you break through the wall that many hit as they are trying to drop a certain number of pounds.  It is difficult to have the motivation to continue, but apparently this stuff helps.  What proof does it offer?

Metabolife Break Through Ingredients

  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne Fruit
  • Chromium Polynicotinate
  • Green Tea Extract
  • L Tyrosine
  • Potassium

This formula is basically a stimulant blend.  It is apparently trying to get you “hopped-up” enough to keep working out no matter how unmotivated you feel.  With caffeine, green tea, and L-Tyrosine, you should expect a good jolt of energy. Cayenne should further boost your metabolism to burn more calories.  Even so, with only 101 mg of caffeine, this is not nearly the most powerful energy supplement I’ve seen.  200 and 300 mg concentrations are not uncommon, so if this product really wanted to be “break through” in terms of originality, it would have to try a little harder than some stimulants, chromium, and potassium.

Break Through Pros

  • Green Tea/Caffeine
  • Decent price

Break Through Cons

  • Unclear concentrations
  • Not that powerful

Metabolife Break Through Conclusion

So this time Metabolife isn’t asking an arm and a leg at only $30 per bottle, but the truth is that unless you seriously step up your workout routine, there isn’t any way that using this product you will “break through” the wall that many people reach when on a weight loss campaign.  I do not recommend Metabolife Break Through.

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  1. courtneycooke
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    i like it just got it hafto see.thanks courtneycooke

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