Meltrx 24 Ultra Review

Meltrx 24Meltrx 24 Ultra is the latest caffeine-free diet pill to hit the market. The biggest question concerning a caffeine-free weight loss product is potency? Does it have what it takes to help you lose weight? Meltrx 24 Ultra is an above average diet pill, but considering the alternatives we wouldn’t recommend purchasing it. Let’s take a closer look at Meltrx 24 Ultra.

Meltrx 24 Ingredients

Meltrx 24 Ultra contains a plethora of ingredients including:

  • thiamin B6
  • niacin
  • vitamin B6
  • folate
  • vitamin B12
  • biotin
  • panthothenic acid
  • calcium
  • iodine
  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • copper
  • manganese
  • chromium
  • green tea leaf extract
  • DL phenylalanine
  • proprietary blend of green tea extract, cinammon twig extract, and galangal rhizome extract
  • cha de bugre
  • n-acetyl l-tyrosine
  • rhodiola rosea root extract
  • 5 HTP
  • eleuthero root standardized extract
  • taurine
  • gymnema sylvestre leaf extract
  • banaba leaf extract
  • phosphatidylserine
  • ginger root
  • ginkgo biloba root
  • cayenne pepper fruit
  • alpha lipoic acid
  • coleus forskohlii tuber extract
  • trimethylglycine hydrochloride
  • fulvic acid
  • bioperine black pepper extract
  • vanadium

Overall, Meltrx 24 Ultra has an above average ingredient profile but is still lacking the proven fat burners category. Green tea is an awesome ingredient but doesn’t quite have the same metabolism-boosting fat-eliminating effect when not combined with caffeine. Coleus forskohlii is another clinically proven ingredient in Meltrx 24 Ultra, but 25 milligrams of it is probably not enough to make a dent in your weight loss efforts.

Meltrx 24 Ultra Side Effects

On the positive side, Meltrx 24 Ultra Safe contains only all-natural ingredients (and does not contain caffeine). It does contain coleus forskohlii and citrus aurantium, which some associate with side effects such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and nausea (of course everything depends upon how your body reacts).

The Meltrx 24 Ultra Website

The Meltrx 24 Ultra website has some pros and cons. On the positive side, there is some information on the product and some testimonials (if you trust ‘em). On the flip side, the lack of scientific data and clinical trials on the Meltrx 24 Ultra website makes us skeptical. If Meltrx 24 Ultra works so well as they claim, why don’t they cite any clinical trials or journals?

Meltrx 24 Ultra Price and Return Policy

Would you pay $5 for a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger at Wendy’s? We like Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger’s but $5 is too much to pay especially when there are comparable alternatives for $1. That is how we feel about Meltrx 24 Ultra . One bottle of Meltrx 24 Ultra costs $54 BUT it is only a 13 day supply. So a month’s worth of Meltrx 24 Ultra will set you back over $100. This makes Meltrx 24 Ultra one of the most expensive diet pills on the market. Overpriced? Yes.

Worse there is no true money back guarantee. They only accept returns on unopened products. From their website:

For some reason, if you are not satisfied, just return the unopened bottles to us within thirty days for a refund.”

Ha ha. Ok so if you are not satisfied with the unopened bottles that you have not tried, you can get your money back. What a crock!

Overall Value

Meltrx 24 Ultra contains a few quality ingredients but not enough to justify paying over $100 per month.

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