Mega Hoodia Review

Mega HoodiaMega Hoodia is a weight loss supplement developed by NOW Foods focused on suppressing the appetite. Some users have been confused between the difference of weight loss supplements that burn fat and supplements that curb the appetite. Appetite suppressors are great for those that struggle with over-eating. Fat burners accelerate the body’s natural rate of burning calories. If you are looking to lose substantial long term weight, we recommend purchasing a diet pill with both effective appetite suppressants and fat burning ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at Mega Hoodia.

Ingredients in Mega Hoodia?

Mega Hoodia contains essentially one ingredient, Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii took the weight loss industry by storm 5 years ago but has lost significant momentum based on negative scientific studies and poor customer reviews of Hoodia products. The authentication of Hoodia in many products has also been questioned.

Hoodia comes from a cactus in Africa. It was used as a food source for the native hunters on hunting trips in Africa for hundreds of years. It appears the reason that weight loss companies fell in love with it was that it was cheap and it sounded exotic. However, there have been no credible scientific studies that have linked Hoodia Gordonii and appetite suppression.

Reading consumer reviews just make us more skeptical. There is the occasional positive review but for the most part, Hoodia reviews are full of disappointment and anger.For what it is worth the Hoodia in Mega Hoodia is claimed to be 100 percent authentic. But it really doesn’t matter if it is authentic or not if it doesn’t work.

Considering that the only ingredient in Mega Hoodia is Hoodia Gordonii, the product is astronomically weak.

Mega Hoodia Side Effects

There are no serious side effects associated with Mega Hoodia. However, it is still somewhat of a newer ingredient so more studies need to be conducted before we can be assured of its complete safeness. It appears to be harmless.

The Mega Hoodia Website

The Mega Hoodia website provides the basic information about the product but missing are customer testimonials and scientific data. Expecting a diet pill to work that is not backed by clinical trials is like expecting it to be sunny tomorrow in Seattle.

Mega Hoodia Price and Return Policy

Mega Hoodia can be purchased online for around $15. Although this is cheaper than most weight loss supplements, it is still $15 too expensive for a weak diet pill.

There is no money back guarantee with Mega Hoodia. Just because a diet pill does not have a money back guarantee does not mean that it doesn’t work, but it doesn’t instill any confidence either. If their product works as well as they claim, why would they be worried about backing up their claims financially?

Is Mega Hoodia worth purchasing?

The short answer: No! The longer answer: This review may seem like a total bash of Hoodia but there is just nothing good to say about an over-hyped and under-proven ingredient. Because of this, we do not recommend Hoodia Gordonii.

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