LuraLean Review

Fiber. I could leave it at that but then I wouldn’t be a very informative reviewer now would I? Put simply LuraLean is a proprietary soluble fiber compound that is made from konjac root extract, also known as glucomannan fiber. These glucomannan fibers can be found in a number of weight loss supplements but the makers of LuraLean claim to have taken out all the enzymes and other impurities that make glucomannan fibers less effective. LuraLean also claims that their product can remain effective for up to 24 hours whereas most other competing fiber supplements wear off within 3.

What It Does

Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet. It can help to make you feel more full, promote digestion and even reduce cholesterol. LuraLean exists under the assumption that they can take the natural benefits of a soluble fiber and scientifically engineer a product that works even better. To begin with, LuraLean is not supposed to breakdown as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract. Instead it expands rapidly and passes quickly through the system absorbing fat and excess carbohydrates as any fiber would but supposedly at a much higher rate.

Once it has been consumed, LuraLean expands to about 200 times its original size. As you might imagine, that would make you feel much more full than you would normally. At that point it can more effectively absorb and carry out excess fat without it being digested and turned into body fat. This can be especially helpful to those who suffer form high cholesterol. A diet high in fiber can regulate the blood lipid levels making it easier for your body to keep LDL (bad cholesterol) under control.


I don’t think there is anyone out there that couldn’t think of one or two benefits of a diet higher in fiber. I’ve mentioned a number of those benefits in the paragraphs above. An added benefit to using a product like LuraLean is the ability to supercharge your fiber consumption without having to eat a bail of hay.


I don’t think there is a downside to eating more fiber but you can’t always use scientifically altered compounds to improve upon the natural benefits of soluble fiber. In the case of LuraLean, you are going to be ridding your body of all types of fats including the omega-3 and other long chain fatty acid the body actually needs.

Although all the claims I’ve talked about so far are said to have been backed up by clinical studies, there is very little evidence that any such studies actually took place. In fact, finding any real information on the maker of LuraLean is next to impossible for the common consumer.

Bottom Line

Eat fiber. Again I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I left it at that. I don’t personally think there are any serious health risks involved with taking LuraLean and there are definitely some benefits. I don’t think you need to avoid products that contain it but I wouldn’t use it as a reason to buy a particular supplement either.

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