LuraLean by LEF Review

First of all LuraLean is a scientifically engineered soluble fiber. LuraLean capsules, sold by LEF are a dietary supplement pill containing 2,000 mg/serving of pure LuraLean. Essentially this is a fiber supplement to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and is meant to regulate blood glucose levels, make you feel more full and thus control appetite and even help lower cholesterol.
As I mentioned, LuraLean capsules are a 2,000 mg dose of the proprietary fiber substance of the same name. When taken with water, LuraLean expands in the gastrointestinal tract helping to carry out the excess fat and cholesterol your body will eventually turn into body fat and clogged arteries.

LuraLean consists of propolmannan, a highly purified, natural dietary fiber patented in 33 countries. It comes from Amorphophallus japonica, a rare tuberous plant found only in the mountainous regions of northern Japan. Propolmannan is important because it has the highest molecular weight of any water-soluble fiber currently in use. LEF uses a proprietary technology to reduce the propolmannan to a specific particle size that maximizes density while remaining in a desirable viscous form. By so doing, a 500 milligram capsule of propolmannan can contain more fiber than the same milligram amount from other plants. LuraLean also claims to have eliminated all the natural enzymes that would otherwise cause it to break down during digestion.

Although I can’t completely explain all the science behind the product, the basic function of LuraLean is to provide a viscous barrier that slows down normal digestive processes intrinsic to body fat storage.


LEF spent a lot of time and effort improving upon the natural health benefits of fiber. If LuraLean actually lives up to the claims, it is an even more effective way to regulate your diet while getting the added benefit of an appetite suppressant and a fat blocker. This is all done without invasive surgery or prescription drugs.


If LuraLean is as effective as advertised it comes with an inherent drawback. While it is very good at getting fat out of the body, it isn’t very good and discerning which fat actually needs to go. Not all fat is created equal and essential fats like omega-3’s will be flushed out right along with all the trans-fat in that burger you just ate.


There isn’t a whole lot I can say one way or the other about taking a fiber pill. You know you need to increase the fiber in your diet for overall good health but do you really need a specialized formula when you could just as easily switch to whole grain bread? The answer for some of you may be yes. Either you know yourself well enough to know you aren’t going to eat the kind of diet you should and you need that extra boost, or maybe you struggle with high cholesterol. Either way higher fiber would be a good idea and it can be found in a number of products like this one or even in broader supplements that include other beneficial ingredients in the same pill.

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