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livea-150x150Diet and exercise are important to include in a weight loss program. Livea has a diet and exercise program that accompanies it and can make the diet pill more effective. Actually, it is the only thing that will help you with weight loss since Livea doesn’t actually have the ingredients it would need in order to be effective.

Livea advertises that they have all natural ingredients which will help you to lose weight, suppress your appetite, and eliminate body fat. But just because they have natural ingredients doesn’t mean that they have created an effective product. And for some reason they have felt that it was necessary to include tons of preservatives and fillers. My guess is that the main reason Livea makes you take 7 huge pills at a time is because there are so many fillers. If they didn’t include so many fillers then they wouldn’t have side effects associated with the diet pill and they also wouldn’t have so many pills that you need to take.

Livea doesn’t include stimulating ingredients. In some respects that’s a good thing but it probably only affects people who are sensitive to stimulants. If you do not have a history of being affected by stimulants then you can use some of the more powerful products. But Livea isn’t going to give you the results you are looking for and honestly it could be partly because it is does not include some of the powerful and stimulating ingredients. Furthermore, Livea doesn’t have any proven ingredients that are effective in weight loss.

The official website for Livea recommends that you follow a diet and exercise program. Honestly, you are probably going to see the most results after following the diet and exercise program than you will with the diet pill. They actually have calculators on their website which can help you to learn how much you need to eat and how much water you should drink every day. It’s impressive that Livea has a diet and exercise program but that’s about as far as Livea goes in being a good product.

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Livea Pros

  • No stimulants
  • Recommends diet and exercise

Livea Cons

  • Will not produce lasting results
  • Contains preservatives and fillers
  • Side effects are common
  • You have to take 7 pills at a time

Livea Conclusion

Livea seems to be lacking in a lot of areas especially because it doesn’t have strong weight loss ingredients. One thing I always look for in a good diet pill is that it has positive customer reviews. Unfortunately, Livea is lacking in this area as well. They probably don’t have many positive consumer reviews in part because their product doesn’t produce the desired results. The users I have spoken with have said that they saw results but no more than they saw during diet and exercise so they attributed their weight loss entirely to the diet and exercise program that is included. I’m impressed that Livea recognizes the importance of diet and exercise but they want you to think that the diet pill is doing more than it actually is so you can see that Livea isn’t the answer to your weight loss.

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