Liquiboost Review

LiquiboostLiquiboost claims to help you:

  • Increase your energy levels without jitters
  • Flush out toxins from your body
  • Feel rejuvenated and refreshed
  • Drop excess weight

Let’s see if this is possible.

Liquiboost Ingredients

These ingredients are not listed on the website however they were found through intense research. The 3 ingredients found in Liquiboost are: green tea, kola nut and nopal cactus. These will “help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed “or “increase your energy levels” due to the caffeine, however there is no way to say that green tea or kola nut will not produce jitters. The only way that could make that claim would be if there were low amounts of each. They both contain caffeine and, depending on the person taking it, may cause someone to feel jittery.

As far as flushing out toxins, Liquiboost’s ingredients are not known for that. We would have to say this is a bogus claim seeing the ingredients that are said to be in Liquiboost.

Green tea acts as a fat burner and kola nut can have some appetite suppressing effects which can lead to weight loss.

The ingredients found in Liquiboost are just a blend and no real supplemental facts have been released by Liquiboost.

Liquiboost Pros

  • Green Tea is a great ingredient for a diet pill

Liquiboost Cons

  • SCAM: We kept it in til now.. The website is set up for a total scam
  • $149.95 for a two month’s supply is way too much to pay!
  • They will charge a $1.99 fee for membership to a club you or no one else knew even existed. This club has no benefits that we can see.
  • The ingredients will not detoxify the body like the company claims
  • NO Refund or Satisfaction Policy: you cannot return the product. Why? They must know something we don’t.


Sell, sell, sell. You do not want to allow a shady company like this to get a hold of your information. They charge way too much for a product that contains simple weight loss ingredients. Even if the product were 75% off we would still have a hard time recommending it to anyone unless the company gave us more information about the product.

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