LipoSpa Review

LipoSpaWhy was LipoSpa discontinued?  Made by the super-famous TrimSpa company, LipoSpa is no longer available directly from the company but can still be found in certain places online.  If you can find it, is it worth picking up?

LipoSpa Ingredients

Oddly enough, there are just two active ingredients in LipoSpa:

  • Chitosan – A fiber derived from the shells of sea-crustaceans.  Some evidence suggests it may bind itself to fat cells, preventing them from being absorbed by the body.  However, it is suggested that it would take a whole lot of chitosan to even make a small difference in fat absorption.
  • Vitamin C – I think we all know what vitamin C is (hopefully).

Basically this formula is extremely cheap and has no significan evidence of being able to help you lose weight.  I can see now why this product was discontinued: it sucks.

LipoSpa Pros

  • No longer on the market

LipoSpa Cons

  • Everything

LipoSpa Conclusion

If you do run across LipoSpa, don’t even think about buying it. If you really want to spend extra money on stuff like this, send me a check and I’ll make you a smoothie for the price.

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