LipoSolve Review

nophoto (1)LipoSolve is an invasive procedure used in some specialty health and beauty clinics that involves injecting a chemical under the skin around fat deposits to dissolve the fat and contour the area for better appearance. It is promoted as being an excellent solution to unsightly and difficult-to-lose fat deposits (think love-handles) or as a way of re-shaping areas that have been treated with liposuction. However, as with any such procedure, results vary widely and it is difficult to know which clinic is the best or what a reasonable price could be.

What’s in Liposolve?

The actual compound injected is proprietary so we do not have access to the chemicals used, but what it essentially does is to break down the cell walls of fat cells. This solution must be injected in various areas in order to “sculpt” the sub-cutaneous fat.

LipoSolve Price

As is typical for this type of service, prices are on a case-by-case basis and available by consultation only.

LipoSolve Pros

  • May be a relatively quick solution
  • Removes fat deposits that seem impossible to address with exercise only

LipoSolve Cons

  • Can cause painful swelling and bruising
  • Known to be very expensive (hundreds to thousands of dollars)

LipoSolve Conclusion

Many consider LipoSolve safe, but its success and the look you end up getting ultimately depends on how much money you pay and on the skills and experience of the professional doing the service. Other risks include a condition called “neovascularization” in the treated area which may cause the appearance of unsightly capillaries. The treated area also may become lumpy. As this is not an FDA approved treatment and has had many cases reported with serious dissatisfaction, we do not recommend it as a good diet solution.

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