Lepti-Trim Shake Review

A few months ago I started using one of the top diet pills. Even though I was getting all the results I wanted I decided to try adding a meal replacement shake to see if I could take my results to the next level. I was surprised by what happened. The first one I tried was Lepti-Trim Shake. It was advertised to have the best flavor of any meal replacement shake. I don’t really like chocolate flavored drinks so I got the vanilla and mixed with milk alone it was pretty bad (the water was even worse). It wasn’t the worst drink I had ever had but it was thick and never seemed to mix up completely no matter how much I stirred it. So I got the idea to turn it into a real shake. I put the powder in my blender and added milk, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and any other fruit I could find. It added extra vitamins and minerals without adding a lot of additional calories. And it made all the difference. It was actually palatable and I looked forward to having my smoothie for breakfast.

After drinking my new and improved Lepti-Trim Shake I actually did feel full and it was enough to last me through the morning which was surprising. I figure that after adding the skim milk and fruit it was about 200 calories per serving and usually if you eat that little for your whole meal you are starving in just a few hours. But I was satisfied and I’m sure that it was the whopping 27 grams of protein in each serving that made me feel full. I was hoping that it had a bit more fiber but I also added flax seed to my shake to make it even healthier. I was also impressed that they had included more vitamins and minerals in the actual mix so that I would not only feel full but also be getting a balanced meal.

Lepti-Trim Shake Cost

Lepti-Trim Shake is $30.95 for about 20 servings. It doesn’t look like there is a guarantee offered by the manufacturer but since it’s not too expensive at least you are not out a lot of money if you don’t like it or it just doesn’t work for you.

Lepti-Trim Shake Pros

  • Chocolate and vanilla flavors
  • Contains a lot of protein

Lepti-Trim Shake Cons

  • Ingredients do not support substantial weight loss
  • Thick consistency once mixed

Lepti-Trim Shake Conclusion

Since I said that Lepti-Trim Shake was only the first one I tried you are probably wondering what went wrong with it that made me try other products. Nothing was especially wrong with Lepti-Trim Shake but after awhile the flavor just got old and I was ready to try something else. I still don’t want to try the chocolate (although heated up like hot chocolate might not be too bad…) but the vanilla was not terrible and I might even buy it again. It didn’t add to my weight loss but because it allowed me to eat fewer calories each day I do think that it had at least some impact.

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