Lemonade Diet Pill Review

Several readers have asked us to review the Kym Johnson sponsored Lemonade Diet Pill. According to the manufacturers, it works similarly to the Lemonade Detox Diet (drinking nothing but lemonade for a week or two) and can help you “lose up 17 pounds in 14 days.” These claims sound great but a closer inspection reveals the Lemonade Diet Pill is below average in just about every way. It is lacking in quality ingredients and way overpriced. Just take a closer look for yourself:

Lemonade Diet Pill Ingredients

A frustrating feature about the Lemonade Diet Pill is that all of the quantities of ingredients are hidden in proprietary blends. Some companies use proprietary blends to help hide their secret formulas from competitors. Others use proprietary blends to hide their weak formula from consumers.

Ingredients in the Lemonade Diet Pill:

Lemonade Complex (400 milligrams)

  • lemonade concentrate
  • maple sugar powder
  • molasses

The only ingredient in this complex that will contribute to weight loss is the lemonade concentrate. Lemons provide many health benefits and when taken at high dosages can help detox the body. Even if all the 400 milligrams in the complex were the lemonade concentrate, it still might not be enough to do much for you.

Metabolic Complex (134 milligrams)

  • caffeine anhydrous
  • cayenne pepper
  • cissus quadrangularis-2.5 percent ketosteroids

Caffeine is a solid yet common weight loss ingredient. Cayenne pepper and cissus quadrangularis are also decent ingredients but the problem lies with the small dosage. 134 milligrams of these ingredients in not going to get the job done.

Detoxification Complex (167 milligrams)

  • senna leaf extract
  • parsley fruit
  • asparagus root

These ingredients consist of a few natural diuretics. Diuretics promote water weight loss. Diuretics are great if you want to lose a few pounds in a couple of days but if you are looking for long term weight loss, they won’t do much for you. The water weight will come back just as quickly as you lost it.

Side Effects of Lemonade Diet Pill

Customer reviews have complained of side effects such as uncontrollable stools, dehydration, nausea, oily feces, and bad gas. Yuck!

The Lemonade Diet Pill Website

A quick glance of the Lemonade Diet Pill website and it is easy to see that they are more concerned with getting your credit card number than informing you about their diet pill.

Among other things the marketing team for the Lemonade Diet Pill claims that you can “lose up to 17 pounds in 14 days” and that it is Hollywood’s weight loss secret. This all sounds great but the trouble is that there is no clinical or scientific studies backing this, which makes us skeptical. Reviewing diet pill after diet pill has led us to conclude that a claim not backed by any scientific research is not based in reality and is 100 percent hype.

The Lemonade Diet Pill is endorsed by dancer Kym Johnson. We love “Dancing with the Stars” but keep in mind that she is getting paid for her endorsement so it might not be completely genuine.

Lemonade Diet Pill Price and Return Policy

One bottle of the Lemonade Diet Pill will set you back $50 plus shipping. There is no money back guarantee.

Overall Value

Although cleverly marketed, the Lemonade Diet Pill is lacking in substance and is a disappointment waiting to happen.

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