Kim Kardashian Diet Pills Review

Kim Kardashian Diet PillsQuicktrim is the latest weight loss company to hire a celebrity sponsor: the lovely Kim Kardashian. No one can argue that Ms. Kardashian has a killer body, but will Quicktrim be able to do the same for you? Our take: Kim Kardashian diet pills are nothing more than your average run-of-the-mill diet pills. They may be able to provide some weight loss, but don’t expect anything substantial. The three products that make up the Kim Kardashian line are Extreme Burn, Burn and Cleanse, and Fast Cleanse. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Extreme Burn

Out of three products in the Kim Kardashian series, Extreme Burn will probably be the most beneficial to achieving your weight loss goals. The main ingredient appears to be caffeine (comprising nearly one-fourth the milligram total in the product). Caffeine is a common, yet effective ingredient when taken at the right dosage. The 200 milligrams might be too much for many users so beware of the jitters and other side effects.

Some ingredients in Extreme Burn include:

  • acai fruit extract
  • trans-resveratrol
  • maqui fruit
  • raspberry ketones
  • n-acetyl l-tyrosine
  • gymnema sylvestre leaf extract
  • green tea leaf extract
  • sensoril ashwagandha root and leaf extract
  • cinnamon bark extract
  • banaba leaf extract
  • sclariolide
  • white willow bark extract
  • vitamin c
  • bioperine
  • caffeine anhyrous (200 mg)
  • capsimax capsicum fruit extract
  • metabromine

Potential side effects include headaches, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, the jitters, and increased heart rate.

Burn and Cleanse

Quick Trim’s Burn and Cleanse is a 14 day program designed to “burn calories all day” and “detox all night”. Like Extreme Burn, Burn and Cleanse relies heavily on caffeine (there are 200 milligrams of caffeine). On the positive side there appears to be plenty of green tea. The “cleansing” side of Burn and Cleanse contains your everyday natural diuretics, which should strip you of some water weight (and may lead to some embarrassing side effects).

Some ingredients include:

  • caffeine
  • capsicum
  • metabromine
  • cocoa extract
  • bioperine
  • trans-reservatol
  • white willow bark extract
  • acai fruit extract
  • green tea
  • raspberry ketones
  • banaba leaf extract
  • acetyl-l-carnitine
  • senna leaf extract
  • cacara sagrada bark extract
  • senna leaf
  • uva ursi leaf
  • horsetail extract
  • dandelion root
  • guarana

There are plenty of diuretics in Burn and Cleanse. Common side effects that customers have complained of include loose stools, bad gas, diarrhea, and oily feces. Yuck!

Fast Cleanse

Fast Cleanse is what we consider a quick loss/quick gain product. It will help you lose a few pounds of water weight within 48 hours, but that water weight will be back within 48 hours so you will be at the exact same place where you started within 4 days.

Ingredients in Fast Cleanse include:

  • soy sprouts
  • aloe vera
  • oat fiber
  • barley malt
  • barley grass
  • brown rice
  • bilberry fruit extract
  • elderberry fruit extract

Like Burn and Cleanse, Fast Cleanse can lead to side effects such as diarrhea, oily feces, and bad gas. Say goodbye to your social life.

    Are Kim Kardashian Diet Pills worth purchasing?

    Each of the three products can be purchased together for $100. This is way too much to pay for ordinary diet pills.

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