HydroxyRip Extreme Review

Netraceutical Sciences Institute is the company that has made a whole slew of low quality diet and weight loss products from ActiSlim all the way to UltraSlim FX.

Is HydroxyRip Extreme Right For You?

HydroxyRip Extreme uses a fat-burning formula designed for bodybuilders and strength/high-performance athletes interested in maximizing lean muscle mass.  Now, if you are just looking to lose weight and not necessarily to build muscle – don’t turn away yet.  What you will discover is that muscle building supplements and high energy weight loss supplements are almost identical.  Let’s see how…

In order to lose weight and to build muscle you need to get up and move, weather that is through diet and routine exercise or daily visits to the gym.  To do that moving you need energy – and one of the greatest producers of energy is Caffeine.  It is easy to discover that sculpting products such as HydroxyRip Extreme and traditional weight loss supplements pump your system with caffeine and its related cousin ingredients.

HydroxyRip Extreme ingredients

It includes a whopping 300 milligrams of Caffeine (no surprise) and 270 milligrams of Green Tea (more caffeine).  The caffeine/stimulants compose 570 of the 870 milligrams within HydroxyRip Extreme.

Is That Too Much Caffeine?

Most likely. 300 mg of caffeine is the equivalent to 6 cups of brewed tea or 4 Starbucks expressos. If you can handle that, then you may be ok. I would say that the vast majority of users will get the jitters and possibly anxiety.

HydroxyRip Extreme Pros

  • It’s inexpensive

HydroxyRip Extreme Cons

  • Too much caffeine
  • Lack of proven fat burners
  • No guarantee – where’s the confidence?

HydroxyRip Extreme Conclusion

For a price of $19.99 you aren’t going to be in debt if you purchase HydroxyRip Extreme, but there are much more inexpensive ways to get the energy you need – many of which are delivered in a much safer way.

To find out what products consumers like you are using to reach their weight loss and body building goals – keep reading below…

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Recent HydroxyRip Extreme User Comments

4 Reviews

  1. Cesar Zuniga
    July 18, 2008 @ 12:04 am


    It is cheap so not much of a risk, but i lost no weight.

  2. Gage Albertson
    July 22, 2008 @ 9:33 pm


    Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t a waste of money.

  3. Nicole Stanley
    July 31, 2008 @ 6:11 pm


    I wasn’t expecting great results, I got a bottle for free from a friend. I lost 8 pounds which was more than I expected. Pretty good if you ask me.

  4. jenny
    January 4, 2009 @ 4:34 pm


    hello i look for some tablets sibutramine hydrochloride tablets from modern shanghai bot i dont faind it.do you can help me

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