Hydroxycut Shape Review

Hydroxycut Shape is one of the newest Hydroxycut products on the market. It is advertised to be a professional strength formula so that you can get greater results than you otherwise might. It’s encouraging to see that Hydroxycut Shape recognizes the importance of exercise. They say that you should use Hydroxycut Shape along with the proper diet and exercise plan if you want to see maximum results.

This formula is designed specifically for women. It even has ingredients like folic acid, iron, and calcium. However, don’t expect that you are going to see too many benefits from these nutrients because they haven’t been included in the amounts necessary for health benefits. There is so little (less than 5% of the recommended daily value) that I don’t even think they should be advertising these nutrients as a reason to use this product.

Hydroxycut Shape uses caffeine as the main ingredient to enhance weight loss results. When you use caffeine it can increase your metabolism so you burn more calories during your workouts. But in order for it to be effective you really need to be using it in amounts of at least 400 mg. There is a little bit of a problem here. That’s because the entire proprietary blend in Hydroxycut Shape is only 383 mg which means that there is no way you can be getting the right amounts of the ingredients.

They advertise that the key ingredients have been clinically proven. That’s certainly possible and since caffeine is one of the key ingredients we know that it is effective. But notice the wording they use to refer to clinical studies. The actual product hasn’t been studied but rather the ingredients. This means that you probably aren’t getting adquate amounts of ingredients.

Other ingredients in Hydroxycut Shape included yerba mate, guarana, and Lady’s mantle extract. While these don’t have a lot to do with weight loss, yerba mate and guarana can increase your energy levels. The problem, however, is that they also cause an energy crash later on. So you get more energy for a little while but you also have to prepare for that crash.

Hydroxycut Shape Cost

You can buy Hydroxycut Shape from GNC but right now that’s the only place that you can find it. It’s $59.99 unless you but it with your gold card and then you can save about $10.

Hydroxycut Shape Pros

  • Increases energy
  • Increases metabolism
  • Key ingredients have been proven

Hydroxycut Shape Cons

  • Not enough of active ingredients
  • Proprietary blend
  • Only available through limited retailers
  • No satisfaction guarantee

Hydroxycut Shape Conclusion

Hydroxycut has had several problems with their products particularly because some of them were taken off the market due to reports of being highly unsafe. Since then they have tried to redeem themselves by creating safe products that won’t harm your body. Hydroxycut Shape is safe to use but they haven’t included enough of the key ingredients so you may not see the weight loss results that you want. Instead, choose a product that has more proven and effective ingredients.

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