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To avoid any jitters, headaches, or stomachaches, HydroBurn is a stimulant free weight loss supplement manufactured by Universal Nutrition.  In doing some research on the product, some very interesting information was found with regards to their main ingredient – Hydroxycitrate.

For any ingredient to carry scientific validity, it must go through a series of tests.  These tests (performed blindly with a control group and a placebo) provide evidence in favor or against the drug being tested.

A side note of importance:  Many weight loss products contain ingredients which have been clinically tested (such as Green Tea for example) but do not contain the specified quantities from the tests. The tests were performed with certain quantities of that ingredient, and if the same dosages are not followed, the results will vary.  Many weight loss products have been accused of riding the coat tails of clinically proven ingredients while at the same time including insignificant amounts in their products.

Now, back to HydroBurn and the clinical study that was performed on its main ingredient – Hydroxycitrate.  The test was performed with part of the group taking Hydroxycitrate, and the other a Placebo (a fake).  The results turned out that those taking the placebo lost more weight on average than those taking Hydroxycitrate! (9 lbs vs. 7 lbs).  The test certainly did not bode well for HydroBurn.

You can buy Hydroburn for retail price of $40.95 (160 capsules) – just don’t expect much out of their main ingredient.

Conclusion – There are more weight loss products out there than you could even imagine.  If you are looking for a product that will give you the results you want, keep reading below.  Consumers like you have tried and tested for themselves the following products and have rated them as the best with regards to quality, price, effectiveness, and safety.

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  1. Hans Christenson
    July 17, 2008 @ 11:59 pm


    I think water weight is all that I lost, and it came right back.

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