Hot Hoodia+ Review

Hot Hoodia+If you are struggling to lose weight Hot Hoodia+ advertises that they are your answer and the final solution. This formula contains several ingredients that have been proven to be effective at helping you lose weight. And yet, it also contains other ingredients that have been surrounded by a lot of media hype and yet that will not give you sustainable weight loss results. The main ingredient, hoodia, is one of the ingredients that has been shown to be ineffective at promoting weight loss and the most up to date diet pills are now avoiding this product.

Hot Hoodia+ indicates that they have created a product which contains clinically proven ingredients. They even include excerpts on their website indicating whether or not these ingredients are effective. But then they never tell you what the exact amount of each proven ingredient is in the diet pill. Even if you create a diet pill using only proven ingredients it can still be well below average if they are not including the right amounts which frequently happens with proprietary blends.

The parent company for Hot Hoodia+ has created numerous products. But the vast majority of these products are ineffective which leads me to believe that they are simply coming up with a bunch of scams for you to try and you aren’t going to get any results. Luckily they offer a satisfaction guarantee but they must lose a lot of money on it because the only positive consumer reviews for Hot Hoodia+ are on their website. And you know that they wouldn’t choose a negative review to represent their product.

Hot Hoodia+ Cost

A one month supply of Hot Hoodia+ from their official website is $39.95. If you buy more than one month at a time you could save up to $5 on each bottle.

They offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee which is certainly a bonus because when it doesn’t work you probably want your money back.

Hot Hoodia+ Pros

  • Uses several proven ingredients
  • Contains testimonials on website
  • Can help you do more than just lose weight

Hot Hoodia+ Cons

  • Proprietary blend indicates that even proven ingredients are not included in effective amounts
  • Makes lofty claims that can’t be met
  • Many consumers are unhappy with their results

Hot Hoodia+ Conclusion

There are bad diet pills, average diet pills, and superior diet pills. Hot Hoodia+ barely makes it to the average category. They include ingredients like green tea which can help you to lose weight but these ingredients are also going to cause side effects even though they have advertised that this product won’t cause any side effects.

Furthermore, advertising that they are going to help you lose 37 pounds of fat in a month is a lofty claim when the results don’t show that to be the case. And even if you do lose that much weight it will happen so quickly that is most likely just water weight which won’t be sustainable and will probably be depressing when you gain all the weight back again.

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