HoodiThin Review

The short answer is no. Hoodia is the most hyped weight loss supplement ever. This shocks me because there are ZERO published studies proving its effectiveness as an appetite suppressant. Now that a bit of a problem, wouldn’t you say? Especially when over 25% of weight loss products contain this useless ingredient.

You may read convincing testimonials, but keep in mind that these are easily manufactured. For example, “Tar water zapped my appetite. I’ve lost 22 pounds in only 30 days. Thank you so much tar water!”  You see my point? If any product contains Hoodia, do the smart thing and avoid it.

HoodiThin Price

To own your own bottle of HoodiThin you are going to be paying roughly $59.99 – ouch! That a lot to pay for 60 capsules of an ingredient that doesn’t do anything.

Do HoodiThin Drops Work?

Additionally, HoodiThin is in dropper form.  The dropper form is used as a substitute to taking a pill.  Is this more effective?  The verdict is still out.  Even if Hoodia works, I doubt two drops of liquid would do much.

HoodiThin Pros

  • May have a placebo effect

HoodiThin Cons

  • Contains Hoodia
  • Overpriced @ $60

HoodiThin Conclusion

I do not recommend HoodiThin. There are not enough good ingredients to justify the huge price tag.

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Recent HoodiThin User Comments

3 Reviews

  1. Cristina Cragun
    July 24, 2008 @ 5:26 pm


    I hate supplements. Why don’t you guys do something that really works like a little exercise and a healthy diet.

  2. Mackenzie Waller
    July 30, 2008 @ 7:18 pm


    Hoodithin is not for the faint hearted. I had so much energy when I took this pill. I couldn’t take it after 3 in the afternoon or else I would have no chance at falling asleep.

  3. Mila Stea
    April 13, 2009 @ 6:51 pm


    Hoodia can suppress your appetite a little, if you have any health problems, such as severe diabetes and a huge appetite where you are restricted from taking other supplements, you can give Hoodia a try. It DOES NOT burn fat. At least, that was my experience. And by the way, you can drink 3 cups of green tea a day or even coffee and it has the same appetite control. Don’t spend your money, I did and regretted it. If caffeine is a problem for you, this has it, try drinking Oolong tea, but it at a Chinese store it will cost you less than 10$, online they market it as a fat burner and will charge you 4 times the price.. Hoodia doesn’t work. Neither does Garcia Camb.. whatever, same thing.

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